Jenni Button #musthave Dresses

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 Jenni Button is the South African name for style. I loved this brand in the 90s, and am happy to still be thrilled by them now. These pics were taken while my friend and I were walking off our breakfast, and taking in the trends at the same time

Emergency Kit for Make-up Artists

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Zits, dry lips, dark circles and bags under the eyes... every makeup artist has their own quick fix bag of tricks.

Colour Calling

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When people are afraid of change, afraid to express in a new way, they really are quite trapped, and will continue to produce more of the same without even a glimpse of their true potential.

An old romantic

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 A vintage bag in faded teal mismatches my nautical navy and white striped wedges. I may not be working in these wedges all day, but they're brilliantly uplifting and will come out when I go play with my girlies!
Jeans... yes, I live in them.
A vintage blouse brings in nostalgia, and my old sunglasses(that I got from a magazine, a very, very, long time ago) have seen some... but fit is everything. If it fits well, it will look good... no matter what. And the romance of vintage is undeniable. Like some voyeur I begin to wonder what secrets my little clutch has kept...
And red lips. They really do go with everything.

LUSH... says it all

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 In Cape Town you'll find them at the Waterfront and in Canal Walk. Just follow your nose! Everything smells divine at LUSH. And what makes me happy is that it's good old-fashioned natural products that are ideal for sensitive skin.
 I love the funky, yet simplistic packaging; sort of no nonsense. And I like that you can buy only as much as you a greengrocer! And they have some gorgeous pigments and cosmetics that I would actually want to try. I do have a list, but mostly for gifts to friends and family at Christmas time. Some of their products make the most heavenly stocking fillers.
And yes, it all looks good enough to eat!

The Casual and The Khaki

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Call it casual when it's quick, laid back when it borders on it what you like, this look is easy to throw together and easy to glam up when you need to. My favourite cheat is a scarf: wrapped around either my neck or my head, it instantly adds drama, and personality to such a low key look.
This look is quite a basic work look for me. Jeans are simple necessities, and I like to play around with various cuts, fits and lengths. Nothing goes better with jeans than a light cotton, khaki jacket, I have three! This one is from Esprit.  And you can pop any t-shirt or blouse underneath, and you have a fun, functional, and fresh look.
Pink is not found too often in my wardrobe...sad, but true. But this light pink top from Status is one of my favourites for summer. I can't remember where the back is from (probably Chinatown), but the shoes are from Rage. A golden sandal is one of those essential can wear it with everything! I love the practicality of khaki and the glamour of gold put together is a topsy turvy spin on a casual look. But what I'm looking for is a light and flowing khaki shirt-dress in viscose to pair up with my golden sandals!! seen any recently??

Tattoo Cover

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 I'm not crazy about alcohol-activated makeup as tattoo cover, and would sooner use my Graftobian airbrush makeup to cover most tattoos, when they won't be submerged in water. But on those days when models have to get wet,

#flowersinmyhair ??

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 Nature's palette is simply Divine! I love the ideas and inspiration that comes from the flowers in my garden. Not only do I see colour combinations for lip, cheeks and eyes, but also for my wardrobe...which has drifted so much towards blacks and greys that I often feel completely colourless in my everyday life.
 Colour is therapeutic. And even just that one bright scarf can lift a mood. I'm determined to be more playful with my wardrobe. Whether it's mainly my accessories that add a splash of colour, or a statement piece: a blazer, shoes, hat... something to salute Nature's artist within.
And if all else fails, pop a flower in my hair! In fact, that is how summer must be spent: with flowers in my hair. I feel like I need to start a hashtag for wearing flowers in my hair this summer... any suggestions??

Best Fake Lashes in My Makeup Kit

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You can get these at Dischem, and they're about R60-70 rand, some can be a bit more pricey, especially special editions. But standard lashes will set you back about R60. Not a bad price for brilliant lashes. I've used these on tv shows and print ads, and always happy with the result.
As for eyelash glue...nothing beats good old DUO adhesive. Some makeup artists have suggested using a special effects glue, which is more pricey, and sadly has never been quite as good in my experience... You also get a tube of glue with the lashes, which I like to keep in my standby bag for touch-ups and fixes. But Eylure lashes and DUO adhesive are two staples in my makeup kit. I get my DUO adhesive at the Inglot store, if you're wondering, although Kryolan also stocks them, and back in the day we could easily find this at good pharmacies. Now, it's just easier to go to Inglot and get my Duraline, as well, while I'm at it.

In the herb garden...

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The idea behind the herb garden was that I would be able to create my own herbal hydro spritzers for the summer season, but it is so much easier just to buy my favourites. And besides, it may take a while for this garden to come into its own. In the meantime, I use it for 'working meditation'. I can spend hours here, just moving plants about...I don't have very may at this stage...
 I do love cooking...sometimes, and I've always wanted to (sort of) forage for my meal like a forest sprite. #fantasy And yes, I've already used some of my herbs in meals, But I'm no Jamie Oliver.
 Mint was always going to be in my garden: for the mojitos! I also like juicing my mint, and popping some into my white tea. You won't say that use to be a mosquito-infested pond, now will you?!? The path is still is the way of gardening. But I've strewn some pebbles down for natural inspiration. And even though I've worn my gloves, my hands are in need of some TLC before the next major planting bout. #manicure
So many flowers still to come... but it's a bit like painting a face: you have to have that inner vision of what you want to create, and like faces, the longer you look, the more you want to play. This is just the beginning.
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