Best Haircare for Curls

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If there were ever a book on how to have amazing curls in one easy step,  then it would have been written by Pureology.  Retailbox has taken the mystery out of attaining soft, shiny, well-defined curls with one of their latest Secret Box editions.  #18 contains Pureology Curl Complete shampoo and conditioner, and a gift turban, as well: all you need for curls like you've never had (at home) before; just add shower! 
The luxury of a creamy shampoo is no longer limited to your nearest professional hair salon. One of the reasons I love Retailbox is that I can buy pro products at affordable professional supplier prices and have them delivered straight to my door.  And what takes them into the divine is that they often have amazing sales (I'm on there at least once every three days to check specials). Some of their products used to be limited to professional in the industry only,  but that's another post.... 
Pureology is sulphate-free: ideal for hair that needs extra care....  that would be all of us.  My hair has never looked better,  nor felt in such good condition without a visit to the salon and a fresh cut. Even two days later,  after my last shampoo and condition with these Pureology products,  my hair still feels soft and clear,  and still with definition in my curls.  This duo will afford me the opportunity to go without shampooing for much longer!  Now that's one way to keep my hair in its best natural condition possible.  And with hot days and outdoor shoots on my calendar,  this secret box seems like divine intervention. 
Summer time is when our hair takes most of a beating from our African sun, and I now officially have summer-ready hair.  If you're keen to give it a go, you may still find this incredible Secret Box #18 available on Retailbox at a bargain R280 !! (remember you would pay over R300 for just one of these products.... so R280 for both, plus a gift turban....  now that is a secret worth sharing!! 

#Pureology to the #Rescue

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I'm not particularly a fan of those beauty boxes that are available on subscription. So I wasn't expecting the bargain that I got at Retailbox. Two salon quality hair products for the price of one,  plus a gift!!  This certainly changed my mind.  But it wasn't all that has won me over. 
The fact that I can purchase salon products so easily and at such affordable prices absolutely got my attention.  But I've bought from Retailbox before,  so I wasn't expecting anything less. I have, however,  had my reservations about the secret box deal... until it arrived!  Two full size products for the price I would have paid for one,  and a gorgeous hair wrap... all beautifully packaged. These are pro products, so I felt as though I got the best deal: pro products for half the price. 
You can see the difference it has already made to my hair in these pics... but wait until you see the full picture review of the effect Pureology has had on my hair!! 
The Curl Complete range was designed for my dry,  coarse curls that lack definition,  while existing in a perpetual frizz. If you have the same problem, then visit Retailbox to see if the RB Secret Box #18 is still available!!!  You won't find such good deals for professional hair products elsewhere else. 
I would not urgent you to shop this deal unless I considered it worth your money and effort...  these products are quality products, previously only available at hair salons.  Retailbox is transforming the way I shop: if I can save time,  get the best products delivered to my door, and know that I have the most value for money deal out there... then you know I'll be a loyal customer. 
I'm keeping my eye out for more bargains, their flash sales, and my next secret box!!

What's on my #snapchat

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I love the immediacy and momentary nature of snap chat.  I can post in the moment, at the moment, and share my day with friends and readers.  I don't really know too many friends on snapchat, so I'm hoping we can add each other.  Add me with my username : amakeupmistress ....and send me a message !
Or maybe just take a look at my latest post. See you there!

How to tame redness in skin

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By now you would have tried every colour correcting concealer that you can lay your hands on.  But have you discovered Eucerin's new Anti-Redness cream??  It not only neutralizes the redness somewhat,  but also calms the skin so that the redness doesn't deepen in a controlled environment. 
It helped me on set when I had to control redness in cheeks and chest,  without loading the skin with makeup : I just use Eucerin's cream and some of my Sensai powder. Or use a body foundation like MAC's Face and Body for a less matte cover.  Brilliant correction,  easily done.
What I like must is that it is moisturizing at the same time.  So no harsh dry separation of product on skin,  like I've seen with other strictly makeup brands.  Eucerin is first and foremostly a skincare brand,  and some of their products just happen to make my life as a makeup artist easier !

Cetaphil #inmykit

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I don't like their packaging.... not very appealing, nor attractive.  I think the products are rather pricey and I would not instantly buy them.... without having this knowledge : Cetaphil is a brilliant brand!!  For skincare,  this is the real deal.  I have not only used their products on set at work as a makeup artist,  but also at home as a mom and wife who knows good stuff!! 
It may not win any beauty pageants, but I know I can rely on Cetaphil to protect and  nourishing skin.  And even heal : I've used their Restoraderm range to manage my child's recurring eczema.
My husband has actually asked me to specifically buy their sunblock!!  That, my dears, is a major breakthrough!!  You see we've tried everything.... I have covered him in the best sunscreens out there.... and he still comes back (after hours surfing,  mind you) with sun damage.  So when he started using my Cetaphil,  we immediately noticed the dramatic difference in effectiveness. And even though this product will cost a bit more, it is a whole lot more worth it!! 
These are available at Dischem.  I haven't spotted them at Clicks,  so I'll be going to Dischem soon to grab another two tubes of sunblock for hubby! 

Dresses And Threads: the secret to hiding my beer belly! #southafricangirl

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 rouched dress at And Threads
Click on the pic to shop this dress, R389 ...only 6 left!!!. Or visit for more!
If you haven't shopped at And Threads yet, be sure that you are missing out on something blinking marvelous!! I adore this dress, and am still shopping on the site. And it's only R389!! But one must hurry.... only 6 left. Go there now: . Spend over R400 and your delivery is free! that's easy enough, because you'll want everything. I am very slow to buy clothes online, but I think this is one store that will be seeing a lot of!!
I like dresses like these for work, because they're light and comfortable. This Roslyn Jacqueline Rouched Dress made with a cotton lycra fabric, which is ideal for comfort and great body contouring shape. The rouched detail on the sides are just what I need to cover my miniature beer belly *not ashamed, just practical* . Cheers!!

Oh...about the title... leave a comment to let me know if you approve of my unabashed body affirmation!?! I do believe that we should dress to love our bodies, and I'd like to know how many of you agree?? #southafricangirl on twitter and instagram @amakeupmistress to show me!!

Create 5 different looks with Eight Hour Cream!

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It's pretty much iconic; much more than a cult product. Elizabeth Arden's 8HR Cream is a makeup kit must have. 
I am planning a full revamp of my kit, and this is on my list. If, like me, you thought this was just over-priced lip balm, then I have a few reasons that may change your mind....and your shopping list!

Here are 5 very #haute and trending looks you can achieve, as long as your Eight Hour Cream doesn't leave your makeup bag!

The “No Makeup” Look
Prep skin with Eight Hour® Cream for a dewy, lit-from-within glow: apply to cheekbones to highlight and create a luminous skin effect. Then a dab of Eight Hour Cream onto lips adds nude plump and shine. (very kissable, no colour!)

The Heavy-Metal Glitter Look 
Eight Hour Cream acts as the perfect non-adhesive “glue.” Dust on your shimmer pigment and glitter to your heart's delight! There may be some travelling of sparkle...but this is one area where you are entirely peremited. A good cosmetic wipe with get it off easily enough.

The Dewy Skin Look 
To create a subtle sheen and a radiant all-over glow, apply Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream to the face, arms and legs. This is the perfect after beach luminosity that can be achieved while you change your bikini. Looking good should always feel easy.

The Glossy Eye Look 
Scrape a bit of your favourite eyeshadow onto your palette using your palette knife or other sterile spatula. Now add a spot of Eight Hour Cream, and you instantly have the glossiest eyeshadow ever! Use your ring finger to apply, or a brush if you're making up a friend. Now go party!

The Bold Lips Look 
For a bold lip that stays and doesn’t feather into lip creases, prep your pout with Eight Hour Cream, let it set for a minute or so, and then gently dab off excess cream with a tissue before applying lipstick. Apply Eight Hour Cream on top for shine, staying power, and sheer luxury.

Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (R225) is available at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide. Also available in Fragrance Free. Keep an eye out for these looks on my instagram account @amakeupmistress.

#Breastcancer Brings #Awareness

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Glad to see one of the images I've worked on as a makeup artist is being put to very good use!

I happen to know that at least one of these ladies is a survivor and this was a very emotional shoot for her.  What she taught me and continues to teach me whenever I have her in my chair. is that we must take care of ourselves in every way. And whether we start from the outside in or inside out, as long as we start.

I spend so much time prettying and pampering the lovelies that come through my makeup and hair department, that I am almost too exhausted o give myself a little looksie-love. I think we all need to be kind to our bodies, no matter how rushed and booked up our lives are. October is at it's end. But I never stop thinking of the women my family has lost to cancer.

It's time I start feeding my body and my soul with beautiful moments of just loving myself...and stop waiting for someone else to! Do something beautiful for yourself today.

Almay Softies

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 I can never resist a Beauty Fair. And when Dis-Chem held theirs few months back I went back for more again and again. The best thing about these bargain specials is that you tend to try out products you haven't looked at in a while. It has been quite a while since I've carried Almay in my kit. I always liked the texture of their makeup, but found that the pigment in their shadows were never as packed as I would have hoped. But for a neutral makeup look, these are ideal. I do love the creaminess of these shadow "softies". No intense pigment, but that's not what they were going for. Instead you have a delicate colour with a silken texture and smooth coverage. I must admit that I enjoy applying these with my finger, and very gently rub into my lid.
 These will do very well in my makeup kit. And speaking of kit. I got this awesome free makeup bag with my purchases. I think this is a cute bag to keep toiletries and and your travel makeup if you're planning a weekend away... or a fun bag in general. It was certainly a nice perk.
But what I do love is the mascara. I adore the deep shade that compliments my eyes, and yet the violet makes my greens pop. Don't shy away from coloured mascara, just because you want dark and sexy: use the colour mascara as a first coat, then apply the black over for extra depth. Another way to wear colour mascara is to apply to lower lashes only , and use your favourite black on top lashes.
Keep an eye out for some more interesting special with every drugstore's the perfect opportunity to try something new. 

Jenni Button #musthave Dresses

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 Jenni Button is the South African name for style. I loved this brand in the 90s, and am happy to still be thrilled by them now. These pics were taken while my friend and I were walking off our breakfast, and taking in the trends at the same time
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