Jenni Button #musthave Dresses

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 Jenni Button is the South African name for style. I loved this brand in the 90s, and am happy to still be thrilled by them now. These pics were taken while my friend and I were walking off our breakfast, and taking in the trends at the same time....yes, yes, yes, we were window shopping. It's always a little painful for me, because I hardly wear dresses like these. My work as an advertising stills and commercials makeup artist means I'm dressed for a busy day in hot weather and rough locations, plenty of wind, and the slight chance of getting quite messy... so my fabulous dresses often have to wait for someone to get married!
But this! This!! This sexy little shirt dress I WANT to wear to work. I also want to wear heels...not very practical when I'm chasing little models to apply sunblock when I'm working on kiddie shoots!?! And possibly a little distracting for the rest of the crew who (some) may wear the same t-shirt for the entire week (inside-out and back-to-front have often been the only variations made). But This would be the dress I'd want in my closet, teamed with a Burberry trench-coat!

Emergency Kit for Make-up Artists

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Zits, dry lips, dark circles and bags under the eyes... every makeup artist has their own quick fix bag of tricks. Mine is stored in this tiny container and kept in my standby bag. These few precious items will always be with me on set, in one form or another. This is the pack of instantly effective remedies to problems I am faced with very frequently. The Khiel's Eye Alert with shrink eye bags in a matter of seconds, and the Garnier SOS Pen works miracles on nasty blemishes. Eye drops, floss, lash glue and alcohol cleaning pads are simply basics, And even though I carry larger amounts of IPA and sun protection, I like to have sample sizes handy, just in case I need a minuscule standby bag in tricky when I'm climbing boulders to get that perfect sunset shot on the beach!?!
This little box keeps everything in one easily accessible spot; and it never leaves my bag. 

Colour Calling

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When people are afraid of change, afraid to express in a new way, they really are quite trapped, and will continue to produce more of the same without even a glimpse of their true potential.
And so it is with colour in makeup. If all you ever look for is either "nude" or "natural", then you're missing out on the playful side of makeup. And spring and summer are designed for fun and frivolity, in my opinion. It doesn't have to be a crazy kaleidoscope of colour on your face...just pick one area: eyes, cheeks or lips. Lips are the easiest. You can go from the palest pink to the deepest plum or beyond, and every new colour holds another spark for the imagination. Eyes can be a challenge, but meet it with a sense of humour if you must. Play and be brave. But cheeks are my favourite to play with: I'm lightyears beyond just apricot or rose. Leave the classics behind, and go on an adventure this summer...
Which colours would you try?? And where??!?

An old romantic

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 A vintage bag in faded teal mismatches my nautical navy and white striped wedges. I may not be working in these wedges all day, but they're brilliantly uplifting and will come out when I go play with my girlies!
Jeans... yes, I live in them.
A vintage blouse brings in nostalgia, and my old sunglasses(that I got from a magazine, a very, very, long time ago) have seen some... but fit is everything. If it fits well, it will look good... no matter what. And the romance of vintage is undeniable. Like some voyeur I begin to wonder what secrets my little clutch has kept...
And red lips. They really do go with everything.

LUSH... says it all

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 In Cape Town you'll find them at the Waterfront and in Canal Walk. Just follow your nose! Everything smells divine at LUSH. And what makes me happy is that it's good old-fashioned natural products that are ideal for sensitive skin.
 I love the funky, yet simplistic packaging; sort of no nonsense. And I like that you can buy only as much as you a greengrocer! And they have some gorgeous pigments and cosmetics that I would actually want to try. I do have a list, but mostly for gifts to friends and family at Christmas time. Some of their products make the most heavenly stocking fillers.
And yes, it all looks good enough to eat!
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