Friday, 17 October 2014

Why I love Inglot Lipsticks in Quad Palettes

Inglot lip colour refills with a quad palette

I've bought Inglot lipsticks before,  but got the tubes instead of the refills for the palettes.  I must say I prefer these smaller quad palettes for carting around colours,  because they are not as bulky as the larger ones.  Which, of course,  makes them the ideal choice for packing into a standby bag.
I do like the quad palettes, in preference to bigger and bulkier palettes. The quad palettes can fit easily into a set bag pocket, or even a makeup belt pocket, which make it easier to carry around on set, and run in for touch-ups. I also like the fact that I can customise these palettes according to each shoot...or even for each actor or model. This helps me to build convenient palettes for each actor's bag. I could keep eyeshadow, lipstick or eyeliner gel in these quad palettes, and mix and match as is needed.
With so much variety to choose from,  I can see myself collecting quite a few more of these quad palettes.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Shimmy Shimmer

So much has been happening that I don't think I even had time to read any blogs, let alone post on my own. I've just finished a reality show and am getting back into stills without delay.

And with the arrival of spring I am flooded with thoughts of beach shoots and other outdoorsy adventures.

My biggest asset on beach shoots is undoubtedly body shimmer....and when I say shimmer I mean a delicate frosting of golden sparkle that makes limbs look divine.
I don't want shine, but I do want a visible glow. With so many options out there it is often difficult to stick to just one option...and why should you?? I have several favourites, but find new options all the time.

I have, in the past, used the tube of Radiance Boosting Shimmer Lotion by Oh So Lovely. All good...but I was wondering what else is out there.

I've spotted something called Body Gloss by Palmer's; though I haven't seen it at my usual Clicks and Dischem stores. Will have to look harder.  Palmer's have had a good reputation for a very long time. I remember using their products way back in the nineties, and the only reason I chopped and changed was because I could. With so many new brands and products stuffed on our retail shelves, it usually takes me hours to move from aisle to aisle! So when it comes to deciding on the best products for any tv, feature or stills production, it not only depends on my budget, but mostly on what works best within the budget. I've often heard that a good makeup artist can work with anything. But I must add that a clever makeup artist will cut her 'process' time in half by purchasing really good products. So for me to work speedily in the makeup room, I depend on a kit full of efficient, quality products that make my life a whole lot easier.
And as much as I enjoy trying all that consumerism has to that I mean: shop till you drop! I will only spend my precious pennies when I feel it is wise to do so. So I test and test some more. I sample everything, and am certainly not shy about asking for samples to take home and play with. At the moment I am looking for lasting, high quality, intense shimmer body cream, lotion or spray. I prefer sprays because they are more hygienic and quick to apply. Often all that is needed is a kabuki brush to spread the shimmer when you get a splodge and not a spritz.

I've also spotted some fantastic glitter hair spray at my pro hair supplier. This, of course, will be stunning on a silky mane; but I have seen the light of the divine shimmer on my skin...yes! This could be it. We used it to our sheer delight on the recent Dare2Dance reality show, and simply could not get enough of the stuff... so I'll be going back for more as those beach shoots come rolling in. If you want to try it, visit your salon and ask them to order Biosense Glitter Spray. It's perfect for matric balls and New Year's Eve parties; and although designed for use on hair, when sprayed on skin it creates a fantastic Twilight-like skin effect...very cool.

There is another option. It is one I have yet to try, but like this DIY shimmer option I found on Beauty Bulletin. So...I will probably stock up on some loose shimmer shadow and simply add to a body lotion, or moisture gel. The more...the shimmerrier ;-)

The most ingenius option I found is the Tropitone shimmer sun protection! (pic coming soon) How cool is that!?! I spotted these when I went to get extra sunblock for our makeup trucks on the reality show. Now this is perfect for use on a beach shoot, or even if you just want sexy shimmery skin when you're wearing summer skimpies.
This summer I'll be sure to keep at least one bottle in my kit. They cost around R100 and offer a sun protection factor 40. Not bad at all. The product does need to be blended well to prevent that very white tint to the skin. But other than that I am certain you will love the delicate shimmer achieved.

Custom Made Make-up Bag

For most of us the schlep of ordering items from abroad is just too exhausting an ordeal. We either hunt around for a viable alternative... or have it custom made. Makeup bags and cases have been a sad and sorry affair for far too long. I just had this quad bag custom made according to my measurement requirements, and will more than likely have a few more done soon enough.
Great for storing just about anything, this bag is already being well used in my kit. I'd like to switch from my rather bulky kit to a far more compact and convenient version of my kit. This means following my custom designs for a bag that is suited to my needs.
The film industry in Cape Town know exactly where to go for these custom designs and manufacture; and it's not cheap. But it is worth every penny in terms of the durability and quality of the items.
I have already left some designs with them for my kit bag and a standby bag, as well. It seems difficult to justify the spend all at once, but with season well and truly already here, I'd better get a move on finalizing my measurements and alterations.

Because I'm All About That Base

 Sensai's  Smoothing Water Make-up Base hydrates without clogging pores 
Anyone who has ever worked with me will know that I am a Kanebo fan through and through.  Sensai by Kanebo was developed for the European market,  and because I work on so many international commercials with a multitude of European looking models from all over the world,  I find that Sensai works brilliantly for this range of skin tones. But that is not the reason I prefer Sensai.  I have experienced superior skincare elements of not only their skincare range,  but also their makeup range. While other brands may cause certain breakouts,  Sensai is my trusted brand, especially because  I often work with celebrities who need to look their best quite nearly 24/7.
But regardless of which brand I choose to use on my talent,  I like to prep their skin with a light moisturiser or hydrating primer. One of my most frequently used primer is more of a light hydrating fluid that 'holds' the makeup application. It Sensai's  Smoothing Water Make-up Base. On its own, it gives skin a vibrant luminosity without shimmer or shine; creating an ideal base for healthy looking make-up. It also extends the time between touch-ups considerably.  This is very important when you really don't  want to,  or can't, interrupt your cast members and models for makeup touch-ups.
When I work on some stills shoots,  I require the makeup to hold for extended periods and often in outdoor conditions. So a reliable base can make all the difference. My Sensai products have never let me down. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Quick makeup continuity

This is how I remind myself of the products I used to create a look.  Instead of spending time I don't have on writing notes I may lose, I take a quick snap of the products that I used. This helps jog my memory and I can enter the information into the continuity book(if we're using one) while I'm standing by on set.  This quick photographic log certainly helps and saves time when I just have to pack up and dash to set.  There are other little tricks for stricter continuity... but that's another post. 
Right now I need to prepare for a (semi) night shoot.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Stick On Lips

I am not fond of fake tattoos, you know, the stick on ones.  But in a pinch I can very easily bring them out and matt them down for a slightly more realistic look.  What I wanted to know was: can I do the same with those interesting stick on lips that I've spotted in Chinatown...  ?
They're cheap enough to run a test, which is what I've spent the past five minutes doing.  And even managed to pour myself a glass of vino.... hey, it's the weekend...and I'm sorting my kit! 
Now I remember why I don't buy the cheap alternatives...
I must admit that wasn't expecting brilliant results... but rather hoping for workable results.  The cheapies offered me neither.  Don't waste  your R8 on them... unless you have a magnificently taut pout that looks like it had very recently been implanted with collagen... !?!  These not only felt uncomfortable, but they looked hideous and we not the easiest to adjust shape and size. Just not a good fit at all. 
They clung well enough, even though my sizing didn't allow for good coverage.  But they clung so well that they magnified every crease.  Not a pretty sight. 
The one good thing that came from it was the meticulous lip scrub I had given myself during the removal process.  It goes on easily with water, just like any other cheap tattoo ; and comes off well enough with water and a bit of a rough rub. 
No, I won't be buying these again.  I have a pair of Violent Lips somewhere.... best I go and give them a try.
There is absolutely no art in this! ...and no grace either...

City Slicker with a pinch of gypsy

Eyes that see the soul, boots that'll kick your butt, bangles for hippie love and a dress to die for... perfect.
When I spotted this beautiful woman at a recent Bobbi Brown launch event, I immediately fell inlove with her easygoing elegance. Now I adore a little bit of everything. Gypsy bracelets, chic NYC worthy style, Parisian pinafore with a cheeky pleat, and rocker boots... Yes! This kind of style is almost impossible to emulate, unless you have a natural flare for effortless style. I sometimes spend hours trying to create an "image", and yet self-expression is the epitome of image: it's looking inside to see outside. I find that I have the confidence to do this more and more often...but perhaps not as stylishly as the beautiful Sue.
Thanks Sue, for allowing me to intrude...I never resist... ;-)
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