Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wedding Wonder

The gorgeous Mrs and Mr Z
Unless you're related to me in some way ( or pay me a bundle of dollars!!?!), there's very little chance of me doing your wedding makeup. As much as I love the romance of weddings, the schedule of weddings just doesn't gel with my work on commercials. I tried once... I did one wedding, and lost a four day international job because the date of the wedding clashed. So that was the end of my foray into wedding makeup. But then my cousin got married, and it was one wedding I simply had to do! I love these two beautiful people. There union was a joyous celebration and I was thrilled to see the beautiful pics that Madre Kohn took.
The beautiful bride wanted striking red lips; and I had to make sure they didn't budge, and certainly not come off when all that smooching occurred! Can you guess what I used?? It was L'Oreal's Infallible Duo with the stayfast lip colour in a wand applicator and the hydrating balm for comfort. It is an absolute winner for magnificent lips and no fuss staying power.
Romance can be captured so beautifully by removing the distraction of bright colour and focusing only on the form and shape of an embrace. My makeup was ready for it: contouring should never be seen! I can't wait to see the rest of the album!
The joy, the peace and the calm happiness of this picture sums up the whole day.

Bun Voyage

 I am a makeup artist who also styles hair ...on pretty much every shoot I do nowadays. And what I notice most is that bad hair can throw off a good shoot: if the hair looks bad, then it pretty much stands out like a sore thumb. I really don't like sore thumbs. But when you're working at full speed, you really don't have time to be too prissy. In that instance I opt for the simplest, yet most elegant of hairstyles: the bun.
By now I have done so many buns, that it often feels like a naughty cheat, because it always looks good and doesn't take any time at all. Well, of course, there's a reason for that: I have methods to ensure that hair stays put and looks effortlessly elegant with just a few basic techniques. 

My favourite is 'the pony-plait'. I simply tie hair in a low pony, then plait and fasten the end with a hair tie. I then reach for some grips and pins and roll hair around the pony hold, and pin in place beautifully. This can be a loose and romantic bun, or a neat and sleek really just depends on your tension in the braid. 
Either way, it will look styled in no time at all. And off you go, because you should do the traveling, not your hair.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Smooth 'n' Shine by Schwarzkopf

Hairfood like no other is what you'll find at Scwhwarzkopf's new line, developed locally, and specifically for the African market. So keep an eye out for Smooth 'n' Shine at your local drugstores and supermarkets. But I have a feeling this wonder range is going to do quite a bit of travelling. 
I have the kind of hair you get when various population groups really love each other *smile, blush, wink*. I'm certainly not in the minority in this beautiful cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. And I've grown up with the incessant desire to smooth my crinkly bits. The bushy frizz that is my hair has never truly found it's match. 
At one stage I set about "straightening" my incredibly bouncy fringe. It didn't exact;y work...I was thirteen. But since then my fringe has never recuperated even remotely from the damage I had done. Thankfully, over the years since, I have embraced my curly mess of a mane, and have very little inclination to chemically straighten my hair in any way. You may feel differently. And should you consider experiencing this process, then please do consult a professional.
Should you be one of many who frequently straighten your hair, then make every effort to use only the very best products designed specifically for your kind of hair. Before I work with any product, I do as much research as possible. And I always get a professional's opinion.
When Schwarzkopf asked me to join them for the launch of this remarkable range, I was a little apprehensive, as I am not very fond of the quality of other brands that target this market. I saw the beautiful shine, the great curl that was achieved even after hair had been relaxed, and most impressive was the quality of the strand. I wasn't very happy with all the hairspray on the models' hair; it masked the true texture...
So when I started using the range in my own hair care routine, I was jumping with glee at how soft and smooth and manageable my hair felt even after the very first use. There's lots more mumbo jumbo to go through about the range...but I just had to share that it is a range that finally speaks with a local accent! ;-)
This range is not the cheapest, and yet well-priced. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging...I prefer a sleeker look...but that is not going onto my hair now is it!?! The product smells brilliant compared to other more pungently perfumed brands. It feels and smells more gentle. My favourites are the GEL (!!!) hair food and the Wonder Spray. But what I had fallen in love with first was the shampoo!! The way my hair felt after using this shampoo was almost unbelievable and certainly unexpected from this price range. I did not need to apply conditioner, and simply spritzed on my Wonder Spray and set my curls with curl definer from another brand.
They also have a pro relaxer and treatment that is available only at salons. So do ask about it on your next visit. And whether you chemically alter your hair or not, this can be a good option for hair with a stubborn wave or curl. I would use this range when I'm planning to wear my hair straight... mostly because my hair seems less coarse and more manageable after using this range.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Father's Day Frenzy

It seems that birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and any other occasion requiring a thoughtful gift always creep up on me far too quickly, and I end up putting far too little thought into my purchases.... Father's Day is no different.

The standard gift that is always appreciated, is clothing. Yes, I got some of that. But what I really wanted to get was....

Terre d'Hermes Eau Très Fraiche now available at Stuffafords
Yes, cologne. I know it's cliched, but it's just my way of saying...this is what you smell like to that moment when I think you're gorgeous and sexy and wonderful and I no longer want to send you away to a far away land where the tables are turned and you have to do eveything I do...! ...yes, I did laundry today.
Lots of laundry.
So I didn't get it this time....I was busy doing laundry, remember!? But our anniversary is coming up...and it's about that time I remember how good he smells to me ...and a little bit of Hermes can only do good. Newly released Terred'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche sounds like my man. With a bit of aqua, sky and earth, I already visualize him liking this fragrance. So just as soon as I can I'll be off to Stuttafords...uhmmm...that may only be in July!! #freelancemom

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Why Is #L'Oreal so popular??

Yes, I could live here. 
  Beautiful, quality makeup that has evolved dramatically over the years...that's L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics. Back in the nineties, I doubt you'd have found too much L'Oreal in most make-up stylists' kits. But now more and more you just can't deny that this brand is simply becoming so much more popular. Wonder why??
Sylvie Hurford sharing her makeup love
 It could be that worldclass makeup designers like Rae Morris (I idolize this woman!!) have been given far more say in what we get. Our very own local L'Oreal makeup designer, Sylvie Hurford, recently was available to share some of her favourite L'Oreal makeup products for 2014. Her excitement said it all. It's obvious that the quality is superior; and if  a makeup artist like Rae Morris is prepared to work with any brand, then it says oodles about the quality of their products.
Infallible Lip Duos by L'Oreal...this will amaze you.
 Off course, there is just no denying that L'Oreal's Infallible lip duo is the ultimate epitome of longstay lipstick. And with such an array of beautiful shades, you will easily find a few you simply must have. I adore the neutral shades, but feel that if you're going to go bold, then do it with this lovely lip darling. I absolutely despise a red lip that fades into oblivion after a couple(yes) cups of coffee...If you want to avoid that kind of disaster, then this is how it's done. It's a two step jobbie: first apply the colour (the lipgloss wand makes it easy), and let it dry until it's a bit sticky; next, coat lips with the balm on the other end of the tube. Perfection: easily achieved.
And if you want dramatic it is: Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara...pretty blinking awesome; nearly doubles the length of me lashes, without making them look spidery. Colour Riche Les Ombres eyeshadow quad in Beige Trench  is gorgeous: soft, silky texture that glides on and deposit just the right degree of pigment. It doesn't crease! well, not on my lids anyway. The shades in the Beige Trench palette(which I've got) work beautifully for green and blue eyes, but suit most skintones. This one is in my personal kit, but may soon travel to my shooting kit...because I dig it.

With a tagline like "because you're worth it", I often blush myself away from the L'Oreal ads...but can you deny that they offer really good makeup at reasonable prices??! And more often than not, they're ahead of the just don't know it because in South Africa we always have to wait for international releases to make it to our shores.
For example: the most divinely awesome news that L'Oreal have some amazing shades coming onto the scene this year... it's only later in the year...but it's coming! For now, go and find the perfect palette of Color Riche eyeshadow quads to suit you, and experience veritable proof of their popularity.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Neutrals are just so nice.

A favourite brand
 Nobody does neutrals and nudes quite like Bobbi Brown. 'Natural' makeup has never been so sexy! What Bobbi Brown Cosmetics have given us is more than just neutral makeup. They've delivered an attitude of pride and appreciation of that barely there makeup look that most of us wear every day. I am sadly one of those who skip almost everything except moisturiser and mascara... with intermittent spurts of vigour, and a full makeup look, on sporadic occasions.
This palette has been used to smithereens...but started out like this not too long ago. 
In the (very) early morning rush to get to set,  I blame the lack of time for my decided lack of adventure when it comes to lively makeup...or sometimes any makeup at all. With the new Bobbi Brown store now open at Canal Walk, I will have plenty opportunity to go and try out new shades. Plus, they offer quick lessons if you'd like a new take on your old style; or just rev up your routine. It's always fun to try out a look that we may not usually go with. I've been avoiding bright lips for years...and Bobbi Brown does a host of sophisticated brights that don't feel badly bold. And I just might try them on me.
now you can see why this Bobbi Brown palette has gotten so much love
I have two of their pro palettes, so I can try quite a few of those brighter lip shades, but that's another post. Palettes are a great buy for makeup artists who work of different shoots nearly everyday, with different faces all the time. You'll always end up using something from your palette. The neutral shades in Bobbi Brown makeup are ideal for my kind of advertising stills and commercial work, and it's sometimes a little difficult to admit that my style may be a tad stuck in the mud. So... this week I'll be using my neutral Bobbi Brown shades a little differently...and pairing them up with brighter lips. I'm stepping up my neutrals to a notch above natural...adding a touch of drama. Also, the brief calls for more character looks, so this will work nicely. And on myself... I may not go for neon eyeshadow...ever...but I'll be trying out some new shades. You may just catch me at the Bobbi Brown store on the upper level at Canal Walk; I may try out plenty new shades, even bright ones,  and find options to blend in with my standard neutrals...but one truth remains: I shall never be without my army of neutrals, because, well, neutrals are just so nice!

The #Makeup Marvels at #Maybelline

Using the 24hr Color Tattoo pots as a base makes eye shadow more intense
 When Maybelline invited me to view and experience some of their products recently, I knew I would love everything I saw. I'm actually very fond of this brand because of its affordability and accessability. I also love their sense of fun. Afterall, I play with makeup everyday.
I have fallen in love with their BabyLips range...they're addictive
 Maybelline's FitMe foundations are some of my favourite shades for deeper and warmer skintones. I do like the way these blend. Maybelline also have a new foundation powder out that looks pretty good ( click on link to read reviews on Beauty South Africa), and priced at R79,99, it could possibly be quite a bargain...I have yet to try these, but the shades look promising.
Maybelline MUA and brand ambassador, Linda O'Connell, does her thing
The Diamond Glow eyeshadows are certainly sparkly. I do like the golden tones; these could also be great for adding highlights and shimmer. Sadly these are not great for depotting...and I end up depotting everything. But that won't stop me! 

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