For quite some time I avoided Elizabeth Arden counters in several countries! It may seem silly, but I had such a bad feeling towards the brand since my early days in the industry. It had more to do with the pressure I felt from many of the key makeup artists I assisted in the nineties, to carry products similar to their standard kits. And sometimes they made it seem politically incorrect not to.  But there's so much to discover nowadays, that you really must have an open mind.

I know...after all this time. I have made peace with the fact that my favourite dupe of this product, Vandol, has been discontinued years ago...and I just couldn't bring myself to buy the 8 Hour Cream. You see, Vandol was , in my opinion, exactly the same... it smelled the same, tasted the same ( I sometimes do taste beauty products...), and it worked just as brilliantly, but at a fraction of the cost. And at the time, it was the nineties, many makeup artists were boycotting brands like Elizabeth Arden for testing on animals. It was a little unfair, in my opinion. There were not very many brands who were animal-friendly at the time, and I did feel just a tad bullied into walking away from a product and brand that was in the same boat as so many others at the time. Unlike a multitude of new brands out there, Elizabeth Arden have been open and honest about their position. So much has changed over the years. We now even have VEGAN brands. But ultimately we buy what works...because our jobs depend on it.

And there's so much more choice!!! Eight Hour not necessarily just a cream anymore:

The classic tube is still a favourite among models. It is by far the most versatile form of this product, because I can use it on lips, hands, eyes, cheeks, elbows, and any spot of skin that needs hydration and shine. A tube application is always preferable for makeup artists, because we pop a bit on our steel palettes and reduce the risk of product contamination tremendously. That way, you never need to touch the tube, and your product stays as bacteria-free as it possibly can. Very important to pro makeup artists.

For the standby bag, smaller is better. But the classic, original Eight Hour Cream is a reliable multi-tasker, and certainly on my shopping list! Again, I would scrape off a tiny bit using my steel spatula. The naked lipstick bullet will never touch a model's lips. If I'm on a movie, then my leading ladies, and gents, will each have their own lipsticks which never touch another actor's lips, nor my hand!! Hygiene is queen.
A lip tint is ideal for very natural looks, and I mostly use lip tints on beach shoots and spa shoots...but a lip tint that significantly hydrates skin is most ideal. The tinted lip protectant also has an SPF15, which just makes me want it more. I've been eyeing the Elizabeth Arden counter for a while now, and am very keen to stock one of these in my makeup kit. Maybe this is more of a selfish buy... I want it...for me.

And a miracle oil just seems essential nowadays, when oils are no longer sticky or greasy. I have plenty oils... but not this one... What do you think?? Should I??


Clarins Eau Dynamisante is a timeless classic: fresh and opulent at the same time, this fragrance speaks of competence and eloquent style. A woman at the top of her game; it's the fragrance that has ageless appeal to anyone who works hard and plays harder. It's the only fragrance I want in my kit on a hot summer's day when all about me are caving in to the unrelenting heat of a dusty location shoot. I will stand apart: fresh and resilient...well, that's what I think, anyway, when I wear this fragrance.
With Patchouli, Petitgrain, Ginseng and White Tea, among the ingredients, this fragrance offers a sensible luxury scent that I could make available to both male and female actors when the afternoon on set drags on, and the sun never seems to set. We have been know to work 17 hours or more on an average day! This is the fragrance that invigorates and instantly refreshes. It's on my shopping list for October, just in time for the more intense summer shoots.

But another very well-know elixir in the makeup world, has got to be my very next Clarins buy! The Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins is toted as amazing... I have yet to try this, and honestly can't wait. Sadly I have made a few regrettable impulse buys in July...and my budget is spent! But if I could take it all back...then I would just get these two products... okay and a tube of an old time favourite: Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream.


Sometimes we need to own things just for the fact that they make us smile. It really is that simple. Something bright and cheery and altogether transcendental,  can have a huge impact on how we set out on our daily paths.
There's a store in my local mall that sells "hippie" styled wares. I love going in just to see what's there. Often I have no intention of buying, but sometimes I just can bear not taking something colourful home with me.
A colorful keyring just seems to inspire adventure: perhaps it brings with it a thought provoking road trip. 
A bright purse to carry my small change for times I want to tip the car guards and the petrol attendants, or just help someone with that extra bob at the checkout....
And sometimes I find strange new uses for something as peculiar as a curtain tie!?
Find a few shops that inspire. They may not be your regular haunts, but that's the point.