Dr Hauschka ... Naturally!

 These lovely ladies from Dr Hauschka caught up with me at my hangout ( fave pizza place and cocktail joint, Bang! on Woodbridge Island) to deliver a glorious invitation to tomorrow's Dra Hauschka event at the De Grendel Restaurant, just minutes from the city centre, and still in the 'country'.
 The bottle of De Grendel Rose went nearly as quickly as the delicious yoghurt from Curds & Whey ( best ever) and honey from Bees & Wax... more about those later...
It was the Dr Hauschka products that got me buzzing! Since this wonderful day, I have become somewhat addicted to spritzing my models' faces with the facial toner as the only prepping product (other than sunscreen), creating the most fabulously refreshing veil of delicate hydration that seems to awaken the pores.
I don't wipe any of it of, mostly because I spritz just a mist around and over the face and then gently brush in any droplets with a foundation brush, before applying sunscreen and makeup.

So, tomorrow I'm off to enjoy the afternoon with these ladies and the very dashing Karim Sattar, Dr Hauschka makeup artist and supreme being. Here's what another blogger had to say about meeting Karim. So I'm very much looking forward to it. Will keep you 'posted' ;-)
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