L'Oreal's #Revitalift Laser Renew on Trial

 When L'Oreal invited me to visit their shoot for the participants in the Revitalift Laser Renew trials, I was in the middle of nightshoots on a BBC series, yet was determined to cram a rather quick visit in regardless. What stood out for me was how much the participants enjoyed the trial and the results. I haven't tried any of this product yet, but what I've been told has certainly made me curious. Apparently the eye cream is a miracle worker, and the level of hydration is quite remarkable.
The hairstylist seemed rather keen on her L'Oreal products...clever girl!
The makeup artist was very happy to be working with good skin as a canvas.
This is what it's all about: a return to a more youthful you! Wind back time and enjoy...
She's having a good skin day!
Two of the ladies I spoke with were quite impressed with the hydration of this skin system. Rose noted that her pigmentation had dramatically cleared. She loves the toner, because it successfully neutralized the oiliness that her dark skin was prone to. I was amazed that she hadn't been through makeup yet! because her skin was looking fabulously matte. I also couldn't believe that she was 48; she looked ten years younger.
Susan is on the verge of 50 and after 2 months on the Revitalift Laser Renew trial, her deep wrinkles have improved significantly, and she's a big fan of the serum and the eye cream that I have heard so much about.
The shoot gets underway...and I had to dash...but can't wait to see the pics and will certainly go looking for the miracle eye cream!

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