Blissful blending with beautiful brushes!

Dr Hauschka is about to launch cruelty-free pony hair blending brushes in South Africa
 I kept the napkin close to catch the drool! oh sure, I've got brushes...loads of brushes...but I always want more. I've been meaning to ask Dr Hauschka makeup artist and makeup designer, Karim Sattar, more about his brushes, and will hopefully have that opportunity tomorrow when I catch up with him at the public launch of  the Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes eyeshadow palette.
Blending 101
 Designed by Karim, these are the kind of brushes makeup artists want! In fact, a good brush can save you so much application time, that you probably want a set for the bathroom, a set for your handbag, and a set for the office...
exquisite blending brushes from Dr Hauschka
I can't stop looking at these: I want them. No worries, they'll be on our shores soon...and yes, I'll be emailing them every week to check!

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