Dr Hauschka at De Grendel

 Flown in by helicopter to land at a beautiful African wine estate seems fabulous and quite grand...
 ...and then chauffeur-driven in a classic MG to where the refreshing natural market is being held, well....again just simply fabulous and grand.
Introducing us to a makeup essential: the Dr Hauschka eyeshadow and brow palette
 Karim Sattar is, however, a fabulously natural guy who has a grand attitude towards life, and women. And yes, he's absolutely fabulous!
With one quick and easy trick Karim instantly took five years off of the spritely Colleen, who  already looks at least ten years younger than her actual age
We had a masterclass with the pro. Karim has so much wisdom to offer and it is certainly not limited to makeup and skincare. I had done a bit of research about Karim before meeting him; and I was keen to ask him about his work with women in impoverished and abusive situations. Okay, so I got a little side-tracked by the makeup...but towards the end of the day I sat down to listen to the moments that inspire this guru of makeup, the moments that break his heart, and make him more determined than ever to be active in helping women around the world see themselves with eyes that see the best of them - eyes that love them.Which took the launch of the Dear Eyes palette of Dr Hauschka to a totally new level for me.
Yes, I want Karim's brushes....all of them....

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