Beauty gets Intensive

Karim Sattar has a not-so-secret weapon against daily environmental stress and certain relief for sensitized skin: Dr Hauschka's Intensive Treatment 03.
There are 5 Intensive treatments:

  1. Intensive treatment 01 great for teens and under 25s with acne-prone skin;
  2. Intensive Treatment 02 "clarifies and calms" oily and acne-prone skin in adults 25 yrs and older;
  3. Intensive Treatment 03 is designed to calm and soothe hypersensitive skin, and this would be my choice to use when I work with skin that needs extra TLC, and as Karim Sattar pointed out, instantly calms sun-damaged skin;
  4. Intensive Treatment 04 "tones and revitalizes mature skin", also refines wrinkles and fine lines...yes, it"s on my must-have list;
  5. Intensive Treatment 05 "balances and supports menopausal skin", minimizes blotchiness and "reduces irregular pigmentation".

All of these treatments are designed to be used in a 28 day course, up to 4 times a year, mainly seasonally to help skin balance and adjust.

Aside from the fact that I have a bit of German heritage (I am afterall a Capetonian of colour, which means I have a bit of everything!), I've also worked for a German company in England a few years back, and continuous education was more than encouraged, it was expected. Karim's vast knowledge of not only the ingredients and properties of the skincare and makeup of Dr Hauschka was impressive, but it was his understanding and excitement about the anthroposophic nature and value of the brand that delighted and inspired.
Increasing our understanding of what we feed our skin, and how we treat it when we do, goes beyond just slapping something on as a token gesture of self-love. It is often a huge expression of our psyche: of what lies beneath...
Most beauty brands see the purchase and use of their products as a psychological choice, and an identity even. So when you discover a brand that is invested in helping women to discover their best and healthiest body image, you pay attention. Dr Hauschka is doing this on so many levels. Karim works with women, both locally and internationally, who have suffered unimaginable trauma; carrying forward the Dr Hauschka mentality of healing inside and out. We all have our own battles, and even though makeup, beauty and skincare can be trivialised in a world of war and numbers, we all know how miraculous a moment of caring for ourselves can be. Most of the women I have ever encountered have every desire to care for themselves, and yet, some lack resources, and others lack the courage to make such a definitive affirmation, for reasons that are often very difficult to overcome. What I have seen, though, is that women everywhere are talking about, thinking about and moving towards healthier skincare choices. "Natural" and "organic" are no longer buzzwords, they are standards in our vocabulary that translate into our beauty preferences and our shopping sprees.
And as the wonderful Ms Oprah quotes the inspiring Ms Angelou, "when [we] know better, [we] do better". Making better choices has also been influenced by us being educated by brands that consider their products' holistic impact in our lives.
Dr Hauschka shows much dedication to this kind of product education; and you'll find various tips and tricks on their site to help you achieve the better result, and most importantly, in the healthiest and most caring way.
I discovered "7 facts that will change your skin" on Dr Hauschka's site, and found a few tips that make perfect sense to me, and illustrate just exactly why I trust the products, the brand, and the kind of care that they encourage.

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