Neutral Eye Makeup

Kanebo Sensai eye shadow palette
Kanebo Sensai eyeshadow palette in ES13
Everybody loves neutral eye colours. They're so versatile, and never look out of place. You can wear them up and wear them down, and you always look good in them. There are so many gorgeous palettes available, and it really isn't a problem investing in a few, simply because you'll get use out of all of them. But I do like it when I find a palette that is entirely reliable, easy to apply, and creates a no-brainer look-good effect; so that even when I drag myself out of bed at 3 in the morning, I can put on a bit of eye makeup in no time at all, and still look quite presentable (this is not always possible pre-coffee).
Kanebos Sensai eye shadow ES13
apply with damp brush to create a deeper more opaque shade
It's just that this eyeshadow palette by Sensai Kanebo is so incredibly well suited to any skintone, and any and all combinations of the shades will give you a successful outcome. And to intensify the look, the shadows may be applied wet. What I usually do is apply as desired, and then just mist my face with a hydrating toner when I'm satisfied with the application. These shadows also blend incredibly well. Blending takes a reasonable amount of skill, and when you find a makeup product that enables effortless buy it! And if, like the Kanebo Sensai shadows, it is totally creaseless...then you definitely buy it!
I have my sights set on a few more of these palettes.

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