Other People's Makeup

I spend hours selecting just the right kit for every job...because I love it...and it beats washing dishes!
 Every time I prepare for a job I rearrange my makeup kit. I do this mostly to lighten the load, so that I don't have to carry unnecessary bits. But also because  I just really love going through my makeup to see what has not been loved in a while...those little bits to begin to feel like parts of me sometimes. And, as with parts of me...I can't help but look at other folks' bit to see what they've got, that I haven't ;-) snigger smirk wink again.
Working with other makeup artists is always a learning experience
 Above, you'll see Tess's makeup station. I love working with Tess. She's just as makeup obsessed as I am, and a total neat-freak...yes, when it comes to makeup I certain am. (I could spend hours cleaning my brushes and my palettes...but don't ask me to do dishes and other things that get put on any other table other than a makeup table!?!)
I love to see what other makeup artists are working with, and often go out and try these for myself. And that's a good way for you to find new brands and products to try, that you perhaps have not considered before. Gather your girlies and do a makeup the most hygienic way: show and tell...don't touch! Share your best kept secrets with your best loved pals. You may end up exchanging products...which I won't advise; rather you buy a new and untouched product, as not only will you have a healthy start, but you will also have a longer shelf life of your product.
me...and the tattooed one
This makeup artist rocks. We worked together at an event very briefly, and I just fell in love with her glorious tattoos. Tempted as I was to go out and get would take far too much tequila...and the worm.

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