Pretty Powerful Pout

 By now you must have seen, read and heard about the Pretty Powerful campaign. It's the one where ALL the money you pay for the Pot Rouge Pink actually goes to charity. Yes, I wrote "ALL"!
If you're gonna give...
And that's why we love Bobbi Brown. Oh yes, and every colour she creates looks good on skin, of course. But I really didn't need to tell you that. If you love makeup as much as I do, then you already love Bobbi Brown. Her Pot Rouge Pink is perfect for cheeks and lips, and I've even rocked on my eyes. Very sexy. Did you know that it's good Feng Shui to wear blusher??!? And this is the one I wear. I love the fact that not only can I use my Pot Rouge Pink on my lips and cheeks, but the texture is not at all greasy so there's no travelling of makeup down to chin; and! the shade is so versatile and compliments pretty much every skin tone... although I have quite a few other pot rouge shades on my wishlist.
Well, cheers to Bobbi Brown for supporting Heartbeat with this initiative. But it's not just the generous giving to charity that has me swooning over Bobbi Brown; there's so much more to this Pretty Powerful campaign. It's about finding the power, acknowledging the power, to feel your best when you look your best... for me anyway. And not to make excuses for it! 

Rocking my Bobbi Brown, and feeling Pretty Powerful.
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