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FINO Soothe Woman and FINO Soothe Man are available from Dischem at around R45 a tube.
More and more skincare products for men are hitting the market . My hubby, formerly of the kind who sniggered and smirked at the "metrosexuals" in my life, now yells from the shower because I moved his Shiseido cleanser...and where's that special hair treatment by Sensai Kanebo?? So now the bathroom drawers hold far more goodies than ever before. One product that is an absolute must-have for the dude/s in your life is FINO Cosmetics' FINO Soothe for Men: the after shave balm that works like a charm....I should have written copy in the fifties...!?! No, seriously it is a razor-bump buster that delivers. I caught up with founder of FINO Cosmetics, Adrienne Cohen, over the holidays...yes, way back... to ask her a few questions:

MM: Adrienne, you created FINO Soothe specifically for men who had a hard time shaving, especially actors who have to hold continuity of a look everyday, which means they don't really have much of a choice in whether or not they can give their skins a rest from shaving for a while.
This product is phenomenal: it works incredibly well, and fantastically fast. What is your secret ingredient....??
AC: FINO Soothe has a synergistic blend of Vitamin A and a fruit extract

MM: What are the natural elements of this cream? And how long did it take you to develop?
AC: The natural elements are retinyl palmitas (VIT A) and Ananas Sativus (pinapple extract)
The product development took a few years.

MM: FINO soothe comes in a perfectly manageable size tube; can you tell me what the approximate shelf-life is of the product?
AC: The shelf life is around 2 years and is 12 months from opening

MM: I usually buy my tubes of FINO Soothe from Dis-Chem; are there any other stockist? and can they be purchased online?
AC: FINO Soothe is available from Dis-Chem and other select pharmacies and beauty and hair salons. Online try RUBYBOX for FINO Soothe WOMAN. Dis-Chem also have an online store.

MM: Do you have any top application tips, or any other information that may make our use of FINO Soothe more beneficial?
AC: Regular usage is important. FINO Soothe is an ingrown hair eliminator, that also helps soothe red tender skin as well as calm itchiness when new growth begins. Can be used anywhere on the body including the face and bikini area. FINO Soothe can also be used by any skin types and tones and of course there is FINO Soothe MAN for males and FINO Soothe WOMAN for females. FINO Soothe can be used after wet or dry shaving or waxing. FINO Soothe can also be used in between lazer sessions to help slough off dead hair.
Unlike other products, FINO Soothe can be used anywhere on the body by all skin types and tones after any form of hair removal.So body builders and cyclists can use as well!  Can be used on the face
- eyebrows, other facial hair, bikini line, under arms etc. It is also non-drip, quickly absorbed and doesn't stain clothing.

MM: You've been in the business for a long time, so I must ask what your best beauty tip is?
AC: My best beauty tip is to always make sure that your eyebrows are groomed and that they are good colour. Gently fill in the gaps with a matching eyebrow pencil using feather strokes.

MM: You have a wonderful reputation as one of South Africa's top makeup artists in the film industry, please share:
...your most relied upon makeup tip 
AC: blend blend blend
...your favourite skincare product (besides FINO Soothe) 
AC: Carmex lip balm best ever hair product that never leaves your kit 
AC: L'OREAL Elnett hair spray

A big thank you to Adrienne for sharing her knowledge, and especially for creating a product that makes shaving a little less dreadful...for all of us...retailing at around R45, I consider FINO Soothe a bargain of an investment in good skin!

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