Wishlist Wednesday

I have hunted all over for the perfect big curl waving wand, and just can't seem to locate it. Well, okay, so I haven't exactly been hunting for longer than five minutes...but I've wanted to buy one for ages... I just never seem to find the time to really look. But I do know which brand I'm looking for in particular, so it makes the hunt so much easier.
Cloud Nine. I've heard only good things about the range, and will certainly not spend my money unless I believe that it will be a wise investment...and by that I mean that it won't conk out on me in just a few months. Cloud Nine has a very good and trusted reputation overseas, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of it locally.

Now this magnificent length of hotness, also known as The Waving Wand, is my absolute must-have styling appliance, but I can't seem to find it on the local Cloud Nine site. I did, however, find what is fast becoming another must-have on my very long list...
The Wide Iron is just about the only civilized appliance that will tame my rather toight curls! And since I am seriously considering going 'bob' for winter (it's that Chanel attraction surfacing again), I'd better keep it tame. So, yes, Universe, I wan(d) my must-have appliances from Cloud Nine...please?

The heavens have heard my plea: The Waving Wand will be on our shores soon enough...very soon in fact... so soon I'm giddy with excitement! If there are any two hair styling appliances I have GOT to have, these are two my kit simply cannot do without. Thank you, Universe!

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