Apres chic is so du jour!

I want these!
 Makeup brushes are my weakness, and these two caught my eye. Of course, they're on my lust-list! I have others a bit like them...but these...well, Must Have! Aren't they gorgeous?? I have a couple of 'stipple' brushes, they vary in size, but all bring me joy. this one seems a tad narrower which is great for 'working' blusher and bronzer to create that perfectly natural blush contour. And the #215 would be a great smudgy blender...yum!
I also want these.
 Oh My Glitter! I love these pots of deliciousness!! yes, yes, on my list.Cream shadows are totally in charge. I submit to their awesome power!!
I want it all!! Bwahahahaha...with this collection, I shall take over the world! Bwahahahaha
I have yet to try the Apres Chic collection, and it looks scrumptious. I've seen some swatches of the lipsticks which immediately tantalize with their creamy colour and sexy shine. I'm also keen to play with the sheen of the foundation, which looks like it could produce that luminous glow that I'd like to be able to create in a lot less time. Long-wear liners and tinted lip balms, as well as the Mineralize blushers are all part of the collection...and I have got to try these. The shades are perfect for this winter, but still remind us of the glow of summer...yum.
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