Chinatown cheapies have no charm

Chinatown cheapies can really let you down.
Admittedly, I also succumb to the charms of Chinatown...especially those ultra cheap nail varnishes that hardly varnish, and they take forever to dry. So I've stopped wasting more money on bad products. I now stay away from the shelves of R5 nail polishes, no matter how crazy the colour. And that's the allure really, isn't it?! all those zany colours that you find in Chinatown. And yes, I do spend hours traipsing around Sable Square looking for the odd and unusual bits and bobs to style my more avant-garde shoots. Ultimately, though, cheap nail varnishes are just not worth it. And some of the newer brands, those cutesy, young, trendy brands that you find at local health and beauty stores like Clicks and Dischem are just as colourful, a gazillion times better, and very affordable, which make them brilliant bargains better bets than the charmless cheapies..
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