Cream Shadows lead the way

 The folks at Bobbi brown were kind enough to send me this gorgeous collection of fabulousness for me to experience and use on my shoots. I've already gotten a lot of use from the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks in Bark and Violet Plum. Now when products call themselves long-wear I often develop a case of smug-grinniness and think to myself: Ha! I'll make this drop and give me 12...hours of exceptionally demanding, hard-working Long-Wear!?! Well, these shadows bit back!!
And yes, look at the colour! I loved the shades, because they are just so versatile; I can use them on just about everyone...and I do. Even if it's just a hint of the shadow as a liner in the outer corner of the eye, I have worked these shadows because I trust them to do what they say: Long-Wear...and they look really good. To get a fine line of colour I use an angled brush to place the colour on the eye; work fast because these shadows set quickly, and then they don't budge. Not even a little. They have been worn for over 12 hours, ...and stayed put. I wasn't always a fan of cream shadows, but nowadays they rock! Cream shadows of the new millennium are so much better: they don't travel anywhere near as much as their old predecessor, and most of them don't crease. These Bobbi Brown ones certainly haven't creased. Another belle of the makeup party is the Pretty Powerful Pink Pot Rouge, which by now you've heard quite a bit about. I carry this with me on my person, nevermind in my kit. I like to keep it close, because it is the easiest fix-me-up early in the morning when just a dab of rouge on the cheeks and lips just liven me up and create the illusion of my awakeness pre-coffee.
Makeup Mistress wearing Bobbi Brown

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