Mother's Day gifts: what would you buy?

 Wondering what to get for Mother's Day?? Clicks have a few neat specials happening right now. And I've already gotten some Aromatherapy products. I love the freshness of this range, and am tempted to take advantage of this special and stock up on some for my kit. My favourites are the hand cream, the body mist and the handwash. Handwash disappears far too quickly in our home, so it will be quarantined as "mommy stuff" and all will know: hands off! Actually, it's really well-priced at just under I suppose I can share!
I also like the look of the packaging: looks like mythical potions and elixirs.
But if you are looking for something that will possibly act as an elixir of sorts, then why not try the new Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum from Elizabeth Arden. I have seen the ads in the local mags, and I must tell my Mum-in-law about this. She has always been a huge Elizabeth Arden fan, and was looking for a way to encourage hair growth in her lashes and brows.
 I really don't need this, says bushy eyebrows, but I know how my mum-in-law agonizes over having so few lashes and a fairly extinct brow. And I would love to see the promised results.
Then there's makeup. The only way I can get my mum to try a new look is if I offer it to her. She doesn't always take what I offer... For my mum, though, the trendier metallics of the season would simply be very daring. I would encourage her to stay with mostly matte shades, and just a hint of glow on the natural highlights, because she is comfortable with that. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to sit her down and put some metallics on, just to see.
It's probably infatuation, but I am falling in love with metallics all over again this season. They're in all my favourite shades, and totally have the 'it' factor.
Okay, so this doesn't look so hot when you have a rather wrinkly eye area, but...find the spots that don't scream "prune" and blend, blend, blend! It's not a no-no just because of all those lazy sun-drenched afternoons on Clifton Beach...tsk, tsk. Look for the firmer areas...that's where you put your metallics. And blend in well so that there is a gentle gradation from matte or silky to metallic. And don't forget: a hit of gold, or another bright metallic highlighter just on the inside corner of your eye can look pretty darn hot!
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