No Kidding Radiant Matte Lipsticks

Wearing foundation powder by Sensai Kanebo
 On a recent shoot we created some quirky scenes with trendy looks. And, no, YSL lipsticked moustaches may be quirky, but so not a trend. The lipstick, on the other hand is actually pre-trend... already out at YSL counters around South Africa, the new YSL 'The Mats'  lipsticks will dominate as far as reds go. The shades are magnificent, and texture is, well, divine.
YSL Rouge Pur Couture #202 Rose Crazy
I know that some reds are just plain uncomforatble to wear, because they can be too bright, too dark, too dry, too opaque, or not opaque enough. But when the balance is right, no, perfect, a red lip can do drama like Sofia Loren! And why not indulge in a bit of mystery and drama this winter??
The new Rouge Pur Couture 'The Mats' by YSL are deceptively called 'The Mats', because they certainly are not what you expect from a matte lipstick. Finally technology is catching up with what women want! Imagine matte colour with silky texture (they're calling it "stretch-leather texture", because it's so darn smooth) and a delicate radiance that enhances contours, and doesn't kill them. If you're expecting a dull matte, this ain't it. These lipsticks are vibrant and radiant, and at the same time matte! Colour stays true, and lasts. I had to apply the makeup to this model and then leave her to travel with the camera vehicle for travelling shots...the lipstick did not fade, and continuity throughout remained the same.
But yes, it would have looked so much better on her lips!?!
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