No place like home

I've lived in quite a few places, but Cape Town has always felt like home. Afterall, I was born at the foot of that mountain. And I guess, I have a comfort zone when it comes to makeup, as well. I always enjoy the excitement of discovering and experiencing new brands, which thankfully, is part of my job to stay abreast of what's happening in the beauty world, and how it relates to on-screen looks. But then I also have favourites: makeup I enjoy working with so much that I get excited at the very thought. I adore natural brands like our very own, Esse, and another favourite, Dr Hauschka. These are brands I trust to nourish and nurture the skin.
 Another brand with 'built-in' skincare is Japanese range Sensai by Kanebo. This lot of awesomeness creates  a flawless complexion that I trust on-camera, and mostly because I know it will help me take the very best care of my actors' skins.

I'm a big fan of their powder foundations, which often is all that is needed to create that silky complexion. But for a stronger, more stylized finish, I use their liquid or cream foundations and pressed powder. Either way, I'm pretty confident that this brand will not cause any unwanted break-outs. This makeup also blends so well, that I can trust it even in low light situations, and always delivers a remarkably radiant complexion; which might have something to do with the fascinating Koishimaru silk extract.
We all have at least one makeup product that we are so comfortable with, that we could probably apply it in the dark, and still come out looking and feeling good. What's yours? If you have a moment, please share your 'comfort zone' makeup.
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