Packing a Punch with Makeup Kit Tools

 There is something so calming about having great brushes and awesome makeup kit storage. And I admit, I have a bit of a thing for collecting as much of these as possible.
The brush set from Bodyology is adorable. I don't have one yet, but certainly on my list. What I love about this set is that it comes in a brush wrap that doubles as an apron: great for on-set use. I have recently been on a quest for brushes that I simply had to possess. I looked for sets that are available locally in South Africa...because after my overseas purchases, and the pain they call customs, I refuse to endure another bout of the agony of customs clearance. Although...time heals all annoyance, and within a month or so I may be shopping online, again.
I have a few local suppliers that only cater for beauty professionals, but I've also spotted similar cases at Chinatown in Sable Square. So look around and you may find some great makeup storage ideas. My storage needs are primarily for work, and has to be mobile. So boxes and bags with wheels are essential.
I have seen some international makeup artists use a giant duffle bag with wheels to cart around her kit. Which  actually makes a lot of sense. But to find one that I trust to carry onto a busy set with lots of heavy bits all over the show...and sparks who mistake my makeup box for a step to aid them fixing gels to lights...!!...yes, that has happened, I will require something hardcore sturdy...Samsonite, probably. I have two large well-traveled Samsonite suitcases that are incredibly sturdy; just not comfortable and sexy enough to fall in love with.
I thought about getting a lightweight bag like this and a multitude of specially designed cooler bags to carry my bottles and jars of delicious hair and makeup potions...just not feeling it though.
This is really cute, and would probably work for shoots where the brief is very specific, because I certainly woudn't fit very much in this wee bag. But I could carry this in a bigger bag, like that duffle bag with wheels? And I do like the pink!
 trolley duffle bag
I do like this trolley duffle bag, and it could work to carry my makeup cases: they'll be fairly protected from the elements, and I could just easily pull them along. Very tempting! But I would have to get extra one for my hair bag. Or maybe just a giant trolley duffle bag that I can store everything in. I know you get the  trolley case sets, but they just don't feel comfortable for me. Maybe I should just wait to travel overseas and buy my most wanted Tas Merah bag??
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