Shiseido Luminizing Shadow Trio Rocks!

 On a recent beauty shoot, I was lucky to work with model and blogger, Elodie Venece from Model Musings. And it was the perfect opportunity to use my Shiseido foundations, which were the best matching shades not only for her skin, but also for contouring. I didn't want to have to contour with too much powder, if any. And the foundations gave me the perfect silky satin finish that looks like it's already perfectly lit!
I was amazed at how well-suited these foundations are to South African skintones. And we all know what  schlepp it is to find the perfect shade. I also trust the skincare factor in this Japanese brand that is so reliable I would trust it on celebrity faces over extended periods. I used a Shiseido foundation on Aaron Aziz when I worked with him on Fear Factor Malaysia last year .
Satin finish products are perfect for HD cameras
 Shiseido recently launched some gorgeous new palettes called the Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio. What I like about them is that you can mix and match from different palettes, so you end up have far more options, and each combination is a successful look. I have even used one or two eye colours as a blush...adorable! The texture is superb, and works very well on HD. I adore the shades, of course, and the pigment pay-off is satisfactory. What I like to do to maximize the depth of colour, is to place the shadow on the eye lid, and leave to set for a moment before I blend or dust of any excess. Placing eye shadow, as opposed to sweeping colour across the lid, also helps to create an easily achieved blended effect, because the looser bits of shadow often mix, which makes blending appear seamless!
Shiseido's new releases

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