Shooting with "Dogters van Man"

Dogters Van Man pose for their vintage styled shot with photographer Wilmare
 We started the shoot off with a vintage inspired romantic look and I was careful to make the progression from long-ago romance to sexy vamp as easy and comfortable as possible for these very talented young folk-rockers.
These sexy Dogters can go from cute to vamp in under under two seconds!
Sultry doesn't cover it, does it?!? This sexy South African band can melt an iceberg with their sizzling glares, and dreamy looks alike.
My Bobbi Brown Caviar palette...yum!
My Bobbi Brown palettes gave me much joy on this shoot, and I threw in a bit of my fave Sensai eyeshadow palette now and again just to warm things up. But I loved the Bobbi Brown Caviar palette because it could access the range of romantic to vixen effortlessly. And this kind of diversity is what you should be looking for in any palette that you buy. The more it can "travel" in terms of looks, the more fun you'll have and the bigger bargain it becomes. Cooler tones are often very sexy, because they help create the illusion of sussed sassy savvy even when your knees are decidedly jelly on a first date. I also like to use this palette when I'm doing particularly strong lips, even though it works equally well with a calmer nude lip.
I also enjoy the way I can use the shimmery cool gold and brown gold shades over the more matte shades to create a milder reflective tone that lifts the matte, and creates just a hint of excitement that's most appropriate...even for a (very stiff) business meeting! ...did that sound odd??
Well, whatever occasion you use this palette for, it will look good.
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