The mystery of Jour d'Hermes

The reviews I read about the new fragrance from the symbol of chic, Hermes, are exactly what I'd expect from an eau de parfum that is so incredibly, astoundingly and perfectly unique: you just can't place it. It is, and it isn't...the ultimate contradiction. My first whiff of this one of a kind fragrance transported me immediately to a world of excitement and newness; strange and wonderful. In some reviews it is called a masterpiece. One description that made perfect sense to me was that it is "a seamless whole of many parts" (by rickyrebarco).
What is exciting is the mystery of smells: like the very essence of love, it is almost impossible to define. Pure signature mystique is what Jour d'Hermes truly is; in a word, enigmatic.

I did pick up on a hint of citrus, but so enveloped in mystery that you begin to doubt just as soon as you decide. And then that sweetness, that is almost it honeysuckle? a fruit? apple? grapefruit? and edible flower? Smell it. It'll keep you guessing. So I googled...I mean, what exactly did you put in it Jean-Claude?? And I'm not the only one enticed by this luscious mystery: I found a review of Jour d'Hermes that has only left me with a sense of wonder and wondering. I love puzzles, and the beauty of this one is that every answer is the right one: that was creator Jean-Claude Ellena's intention. A lot like reality, this eau de parfum is what you think it is. And that makes someone like me very happy. I smell earth and air, young and old, light and dark, warmth and coolness. And yes, there's something disturbing in there somewhere; it just throws you off a an illicit attraction.
I feel "cloaked" when I wear this fragrance. Some say this is the perfect fragrance for any season, and it could well be. But for me...this is my winter fragrance, capturing the warmth and the energy I desire during my birth season. I want to surround myself with this smell of mystery...unknown, yet known; defined by me.
This is a fragrance that brings light into my day.

If you've ever heard the word 'luminosity' used when talking about a fragrance, then this is what a luminous fragrance smells like. It radiates warmth and appeal, cool luxury, the promise of deep sensuality, and alluring mystery. There's that word again. Some things are better left a mystery...n'est ce pas?!

The beauty of this fragrance is its enigmatic nose. And who wouldn't want one of that!?!
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