Beauty Bargain: #essence makeup base

Skin Perfection Make-up Base by essence
Finding little treasures of makeup just always seems to make me do my happy dance! And European hottie, essence, keeps me dancing. Every single product that I have ever bought goes straight into my kit. This is bargain makeup with A-list quality.
Illuminating Make-Up Base from essence
Once again, I am pleased with my purchase of the Skin Perfection Makeup Base and the very stunning Illuminating Makeup Base. They're each only 20ml and retail at R54,95 a tube, and in my opinion well worth a try. I am tempted to use the Skin Perfection Makeup Base as a tinted moisturiser; the plus is that it works on all skintones, and so far I've been using it as a primer, and also as an under-eye corrector base (with my concealer on top). I also frequently use it to "freshen" "old" makeup: for after lunch touch-ups this is magic when applied with a brush and gently buffed with either a stipple brush or a beauty blender. Magic!
And then there's the strobe cream...oh, oops, I mean the Illuminating Make-up Base; and yes, my initial reaction was that I found a fabulous dupe for strobe cream! And that is how I planned to use it...but then... I used it as a base layer to the makeup and was totally blown away by the exceptional performance! Wow! This is ideal for bridal work!! I mean: Luminous! Words...describe??? You cannot know how amazing. And let me just mention again: R54,95 for a tube...pure logic; an inevitable purchase.
Even if you are a makeup snob (guilty), it would be just a little silly not to give these darlings a try.
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