The Original Beauty Blender

And there it is: the Original Beauty Blender. In the days of yore, we used those teensy sea sponges to do most of our makeup blending. Now we have something far more durable, and certainly better shaped to handle the contours of a face.
Mine was gifted to me by the folks at Bodyography, another brand that is fast gaining popularity amongst pro makeup artists. I have my sights set on their brush set in the 'apron' roll.
I adore my Beauty Blender, but switched off when I heard the the region of R200. And yes, I googled and eBay-ed for it, and found the same pricing. When you need a few of these...hmmm. I also found similar looking dupes at a fraction of the cost. But purchasing dupes of these can be disappointing; and so I wasn't expecting much. And yes, the Original Beauty Blender is nicer to work with and certainly more versatile. But the dupes were not as disappointing as I had imagined, and well worth the gamble. I've recently spotted an affordably priced dupe at Clicks, for only R55. Masque in town sells them for R70. They're both shaped slightly differently from the Original, but worth a try for easier blending.
If you're only ever going to need one Beauty Blender, then the Original would be my choice; I'm guessing those would wear better and possibly last longer. The Original Beauty Blender is latex-free and very easy to clean. The dupe isn't. If you are able to consider the Beauty Blender as another 'close contact' brush, then you may want to stock your kit with only originals and forget about the dupes. My austerity measures make me think twice. And having seen the performance of the dupe, I must admit, I was actually impressed. I wish Dis-Chem would stock them, though.
the original Beauty Blender is much softer than the dupes

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