Lip Balm and Lamentation

Winter has descended upon the Cape of Good Hope,... well and truly.
And I've got lip balm and eye balm: the absolute winter essentials. With so much choice in terms of product, it is always tempting to try out more than just one. And because I have specific requirements as far as lip maintenance throughout the day, I look for certain things. Things like: does the lip balm leave a layer, or does it evolve into that horrid little gooey line of yuckness on the inside of my model's lips that would require a watchful eye, and much wiping away?...obviously a no-no. And what about those cruel balms that somehow leave your lips drier than before? Or the sticky, well-coated balm that goes on like Pritt, and once again, evolve into that hideous gooey froth-like line. As you guess, much trial and error goes into the revelation of the perfect candidate for lip care in my kit.
My 3 most used and favoured lip "balms" that work the hardest in my kit: my Sensai lip treatment is for lips that are practically falling off; I probably use my Esse lip conditioner most frequently because it heals fast and tastes amazingly good; and then there's my Kiehl's lip balm, which I think is glorified vaseline, but guys dig it stays in my men's grooming kit.
I want instant hydration. And those waxy stick balms that you find at the checkout, are not my favourite. I can't tell you how popular they are, however, and especially amongst men. Odd, that. They just seem like a waxy coating that provides little more that a layer to scrape off at lunch.
I also don't enjoy using products in pots...too much exposure to nasties, and curious fingers (always met with a very beady eye). So, if it's in a tube or a pump-action bottle, then I'm interested. My fingers never touch the opening. I always squirt out the tiniest amount onto the (cleaned) back of my hand, and the proceed to apply with a lip brush, or Q-tip. Q-tips are great when you are working with a group, and would need to make multiple applications at about the same you don't have to keep sterilizing the lip brushes you carry. (Unless, of course, you have each brush labelled and kept separately for each of your 30 background actors, and the rest of your 10 lead cast...possible, but unlikely.) Q-tips are also handy to clear any lip-gunk. Yes, I call it lip-gunk.
Now about lip balms that I do like: they're actually not balms at all; they are either lip creams or liquid-y types that coat easily and are instantly absorbed; they are also often called lip conditioner, treatment or lip therapy. They are often very light to wear, and traceless. A good tip is to pat lips down after application, to absorb any excess, and smooth over area for your colour application. I sometimes use a sponge to absorb the extra product, and gently buff away the scourge of winter: flaky skin!
I've seen folks supersize their application by running their balm across their lips about 5 and bottom! What a waste, and it just gets gooey-er. A tiny dot on your finger would do. But do what feels comfortable...even if you do end up chewing your lip balm all day.

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