Mineral-Infused Makeup, Stone Cosmetics: Crushingly Gorgeous

Over the past month I have been using the Stone Cosmetics range of mineral-infused makeup on quite a few of the shoots I've been working on. The eye shadows have good pigment, and blend very well. I love the fact that I can use these baked shadows wet or dry, and I'm enjoying the way the two texture blend to give me the right gradients to create a smokey eye in no time at all. The quads above are ideal for the work I'm doing this winter, and I have been able to incorporate them in use with other top pro brands, as well.
 The Stone pressed mineral-infused powder is fantastic! I adore the tone and luminosity I get with even just the lightest dusting; and the darker shade that I have is spectacular on a wide variety of dark skintones. This brand works pretty well for stills work, and is so wonderfully light on the skin.
The blushers have a hint of shimmer ( a mineral thing), but is not as shiny as some other mineral makeup brands. I also like the fact that I can adjust the blusher to suit my requirements and design. For beach shoots this would be my pick for that summer glow, that looks utterly believable. This brand is new to South African shores, and retail is still in the process of being set up, but I'll be posting updates as and when. As soon as I have a moment to shoot my tests, I'll post looksies, but for now I'm just too busy using all of this on my shoots.
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