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My Sensai powders palette never leaves my standby bag
This week is all about basics for me. I am hardly using any liquid or cream foundation. Instead I simply cleanse and moisturise my model's face well, and ensure that the skin is prepped for the layer of foundation powder that I use to even out the skin tones, and create a smooth matte finish. If I need to conceal blemishes after, I use my Judith August concealer, which I can blend to match skintone perfectly, and if you're using the alcohol activated concealers then you won't have to do touch-ups for a loooooooonngg time.
Because the look is so natural, I am either using my Ben Nye cream blushers before I apply powder, or a light dusting of a tan shade of blush. A delicate hint of pink can work for some, but I like to think of blush being skintone with a hint of warmth, and tend to veer towards the more peachy and apricot shades.
It is a very subtle look; as though I haven't added anything at all. To make it work, you would have to hold back on the fact don't powder until after lunch! I usually just use my stippling/blender brushes to refresh the initial application; this seems to move any residual powder around well enough to remove any signs of stagnating powder (rare when little is used).
Some of my Fraulein brushes that I bought in England
My Fraulein brush set has been neglected while I worked with my other sets, so I figured I'd give it some love this week. These are synthetic brushes, and are very versatile and durable. They don't always blend powder products as well as natural hair makeup brushes, but they do have other strengths. They are great for concealer application, and for lips, and cream eyes. I also use my synthetics for applying sunscreen. These can also be good for eyeliner application, and I always use synthetic makeup brushes for FX make-up and tattoos.
I also rather like using my synthetic brushes to apply mineral makeup, because I can shake out the excess easily, and hence minimize the inevitable fall-out of mineral powders.
My mineral powders are getting a lot of screen-time this week
My i.d.minerals powders are ideal for creating that barely there makeup look, but with ultimate healthy skin glow. And when I say glow, I by no means mean 'shine'! The last thing I want for a natural look, is shine. If we're doing fashion grunge, it's another thing altogether; but for 'natural' I want good skin 'glow'. Mineral powder seem to do this best, because the don't rob the skin of that vibrant liveliness as mattifying powders do.
This week I'm using my mineral powders to enhance a blush on the cheek, or create a softer, natural contour on the lid. It is also a great way to blend two or more different shades.
I use these brighter colours as a base colour along the lashline to make green and brown eyes 'pop'; but take care to 'neutralize' the shock factor by applying a deep brown shade over it, without covering it entirely
And the shades I'm working with are mostly neutral skintone; really just darker and lighter beiges and browns. But then there's the accent colours that I adore. I have a GOSH eye shadow quad that I bought in London about two years ago, and I have hardly used it until now! I use the blue shades to line brown eye, and you'll be amazed at just how spectacularly they pop! And then there's purple: great for green eyes. The trick is always to be subtle. It never looks like they're wearing strong colours, but the effect is amazing on camera. When I do use these shade on the top lid, I blend with browns to have just a hint of that accent coming through, and line the lower lid gently with a powder application. You can also dampen your brush for a deeper shade, and a more vivid application.
And a subtle golden shimmer, with a dusting of pressed powder afterwards, can also take your eye makeup application to the next level! Play around to see what works for you...and don't be afraid to take off what's not working. Sometimes the best make-up is not what gets put on, but what get's taken off... #wise words, non??
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