Are Blenders the new Puffs?

beauty blenders...the original Beauty Blender stands out
 Are blenders the new puffs? What kind of a question is that, you may ask...or you may just take a moment to ponder: could I? Would I? Should?? I very rarely use a puff to blend, but I quite often use my blenders to powder. I suppose it's the ease of application that is so appealing: and I especially love the way I can 'turn' the powder into the skin. I doubt that my blenders would permanently replace my powder puffs, but they sure do have some skills.
just an ordinary stash I'd pick up from Dis-Chem and Clicks on an average visit to the mall
 When I started in the industry (2 decades ago!), one of my jobs as an assistant on movies and tv series was to wash brushes and sponges, and puffs. Fond memories...not so much when there was no hot water and we were wrapping our caravan in the middle of a highveld winter! Brrrr. I don't do movies much anymore, but I'm still washing puffs! The trick is to find ones that work well, wash easily and dry fast. And yes, I have a lot of them. I use them to apply powder, to matte the skin, and also to absorb perspiration if necessary. Some of my powder puffs do occasionally double as a blender/applicator when I want to apply liquid bronzer or shimmer to limbs, or larger body areas... mainly because the larger puffs cover more area faster. It's all about saving time.
these are probably my most used lovelies
And that is exactly where blenders come in. With blenders I can reach just about any area; I can apply and blend using just one tool. But no, they're no puffs! I'm a bit old-school about powder puffs, and feel that they are an absolute necessity for any respectable makeup kit. I use my teensy puffs to keep my little finger from touching my actor or model's face. Powder puffs cover a larger area, so if you're in a hurry between takes, you could probably do a final check within a matter of seconds! (We'll take as long as we get!...and probably push for a wee bit more...that's our job.) And really, it's all about finding the tools and technique that suits you.

If you are wondering where to find some of the best (affordable) puffs and blenders: go to Dis-Chem. Clicks also have a few options to try, but I buy most of my consumables, including puffs and blenders, from the nice big Dis-Chem at Canal Walk. They are my Boots. They even have house-brands that are really good. I also just bought some gorgeous Alcone puffs from Masque in Cape Town; they are just such a perfect size, and superior quality. I treat my puffs and blenders with as much respect as I treat my brushes, so I wash them carefully and very often (like immediately after a shoot). And don't pull your nose up at Chinatown; I've found some interesting ones there...okay maybe just one good one that I found there (but I use it all the time).

Whatever you choose to work with, love it. If you don't enjoy using a tool or product, then it shouldn't be in your kit.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please leave a comment to start a conversation. Thanks.
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