Get your nude lip on with Black Onyx

 I've spent most of winter working with nudes and neutrals; so finding these incredibly affordable, and very productive Black Onyx lippies was a happy moment indeed. I was actually looking for nude and brown lipgloss, but stumbled upon these lipsticks and because they really were an incredible bargain (on sale for about R15 a pop at dear old Dis-Chem), I just couldn't resist. I mean, what did I have to lose?
And I wasn't disappointed. For what I needed, these worked well. I used them mainly as a base for my lipgloss; and they were often good for evening the tones in lips, for a more sophisticated look. And if you were to use them as a base shade, they would make the key shade more prominent, and opaque. I also liked using them as a 'lip rub': not quite a stain, but just applied then blended into skin so that a very natural texture is apparent; and that's when you slap on that gloss, and clear works well here, for a very natural look that isn't trying too hard to look natural.
I'm still looking for the perfect browns and nudes for lips, but for the noo, this will do just fine.
Black Onyx offer affordable lipsticks in trendy and classic shades

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