Best Brushes for Men's Grooming

YSL brushes give good coverage and are incredibly soft with comfy handle and non-shed bristles
 When I work with male actors, presenters and models you may think that I wouldn't really need quite as many brushes. I suppose you're right. At least, I  certainly won't need as many as I would usually carry. In fact, my key brushes for men's grooming would be my powder brushes and blending brushes. I also like to use a brush to apply concealer or corrector. And I do actually apply sunscreen with a brush as far as possible.
I have a huge selection of brushes, which come in handy when I constantly need clean brushes
and may not have the time for the ones I've used to dry fast enough 
 Brushes and sponges become my fingers and hands. And even though I'm a clean-freak when it comes to overdosing on waterless (and preferably anti-bacterial) hand-cleanser, I do prefer to use brushes and sponges when applying anything to someone else's skin. There are always instances when skin needs a bit of a massage; and some products just apply better when hands are used. But for the most part, I prefer to be as hygienic as possible (then blended into skin using a latex-free sponge).
the gel applicator brush from Sensai by Kanebo is brush perfection
 The brushes available to us today are simply phenomenal, and make my job so much easier, and plenty more hygienic! My favourite brush is a "stipple" brush, which is also called a blending brush, or a gel brush. Whatever you like to call it, it's the one with the light top and the darker, shorter bristles. It is fantastic when it comes to applying blusher, and blends foundation to nearly airbrushed quality...nearly.
This nifty little brush roll from Sensai even has pouches for powder and puff!
 Soft bristles. That's all she wants! If it's soft, it's in my kit. I am always appalled when bristles are I try to test absolutely every brush, often, to be certain that they are up to standard. Sometimes brushes can go scruffy, especially after lots of washing. So take care to check that they are still good. I also often ask whoever's in my chair whether the brush feels alright, or if it is scratchy in any way.
Quite often my shadow and lip brushes double as concealer and correcting brushes
Sensai by Kanebo have possibly the softest brushes imaginable. And I treat them with kindness, care and grace. I'll be using my Sensai brushes along with my YSL brushes for my next shoot. The problem is, of course,'s a long shoot, and I may need duplicates!