My one stop goody shop

A stash of consumables that I use at every shoot
 Getting beauty and makeup supplies from Dis-Chem is a very common occurrence in my weekly schedule. But sometime I get booked on longer shoots that require me to buy bulk, which is when shopping at Dis-Chem makes so much sense to me. They always have good deals and their usual prices are so sane that I feel like hugging the manager! Oh, yes, and their staff actually know where things are in the store!! I love it. Ask anyone, and they'll probably even walk you to the correct aisle...even take you right to the shelf. It is that kind of service that saves time in a busy schedule, and makes shopping there such a pleasure.
Local natural brand Esse's Lip conditioner is better than quite a few big name international ones
 I just wish Dis-Chem would stock more of my favourite natural and organic South African brands...hint hint, nudge nudge...hello Universe, are you listening?? At least they have Palladio, which is herbal. They do have a 'health food' aisle which is where I get my family's cereals and nuts and peanut butter, essential oils and vitamins and tissue salts. Healthy snacks are also what I stock up on before I start a long shoot, because there's never time to quickly go grab something delicious and good for you when you have a late wrap on set...and really...who wants to go shopping after a long day at work??
I love the fact that these Q-tips are eco-friendly
 Dis-Chem always comes up tops for buying larger quantities, because the quality is superior and the prices are fair. And they always seem to have sales and specials. Next time you go in to the store, grab their magazine to see what deals are current, and you may find just what you were looking for.
the majority of my consumables are bought at Dis-Chem
 I have found some of the best powder and makeup application puffs and sponges at Dis-Chem. There is  only one other brand  that I  consider for powder puffs, and they're American. But you can find those Alcone puffs at Masque in Cape Town: they are the perfect size.
The Favoured Few: Dis-Chem stocks the best value for money beauty products
These are the puffs and blenders that you would see in my kit at every shoot; and they're all available at Dis-Chem at very good prices ranging from R8,95 to R26,95. Like I said, good deals!