Travel Size Beauty Products

Decanting your bulk product into smaller containers, means you can keep one in each kit if necessary
Beauty on the go is one way to describe what is required in a pro makeup kit. Because I have to always be prepared for just about any situation, I need to keep stock of items that I just might need. Even the very slightest possibility of using them on set justifies the schlepp of carrying huge quantities of beauty products. What you learn quickly enough is to decant product into smaller, kit-friendly containers. Dischem has a brilliant and well-priced selection in their travel section. I often buy an extra pack just because they are so handy, and I'm able to keep the same product in my stationary kit, as well as my standby bag, without the bother of having to pack a standby bag in a hurry to get to set.
the travel section at Dis-Chem is a good place to start when streamlining your pro-artist kit
Then there are the fabulous travel size products, and again Dis-Chem comes up tops for their extensive collection of quality products. I often grab a few of these, and then buy the larger size in order to decant as I go. This also helps with labelling, and checking ingredients if necessary.
And as for those smaller items that only come in little sizes, they make my life so easy. Eye cream and lip balm are two small sized products that see the most action in my kit and stand-by bag, and they have their designated pocket in my set bag. I always look for and often ask for smaller sizes; not only are they convenient to carry and store, but they also give me just the right size to try out a product, without ever feeling that I've wasted money.
These smaller size products are so easy to carry
Another area concerning wastage is my plight to "reduce, re-use, recycle": if possible I simply use the travel size container to decant product as and when.
Whatever your reason for using travel size products, you'll agree that they are ideal for those times when you have to pack a rather large makeup, hair and beauty kit.
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