Lipbalm Lovelies

Here are a few of my most used lip balms, which you'll find in my kit and often, at least two or three of them, in my standby bag.
I prefer working with tubes instead of pots of lip balm for least risk of the product being exposed to environmental nasties and bacteria. I also NEVER put my fingers to any of my lip balms...ever. If a finger touches my lip balm then it no longer has a place in my kit second chances. I do keep a pot of The Victorian Garden's glorious Pomegranate & Argan Lip Conditioner, which only gets opened when required, and a clean Q-tip is used for every pot entry!! I am even more precious about my natural products, because without preservatives they are even more fragile.
My Kiehl's lip balm is ideal for guys, beacuse you don't want over-shine, but you do want hydration and protection (it's also available with an SPF). I adore the more liquid lip balms like Esse's lip conditioner which works intensively to heal chapped lips, as well as to maintain healthy ones. And of all, the most affordable favourite is the range from Dischem: Jojoba is my favourite favourite, but I also buy the Aloe and Avocado balms. These have a good amount of shine, which make them great to freshen up lipstick without lip colour overdose, but I usually pat them down with tissue just to dim the shine.
Personally, I prefer to use a lip balm with a higher SPF, and the sunsreen brands like Everysun and PizBuin sell the two that are currently in my kit. Everysun has a liquid sunscreen for lips, with a factor 30 protection. The wax balm from PizBuin is delicious and comes in an Aloe option as well: this is the one I like to use personally, and it has a SPF20.
Dischem also do a wax lipbalm containing Aloe and with a SPF of 7. I used this while we were shooting Fear Factor Malaysia in rather trying conditions last month, and it worked very well to soothe and protect. What is always great about Dischem products is that they are top quality at reasonable prices, and their service in-store and online is always top class, which makes it a pleasure to shop there.
There are loads of lipbalms on the shelves, and it really comes down to personal preference which one goes home with you. As a makeup artist on motion picture and stills sets, I require a list of things from my lip balm:
1. Must be able to use it hygienically, so a squeezy tube suits me best.
2. Must have some SPF if it's going to be used on exterior sets and locations.
3. Must not be too shiny, so should be absorbed well and quickly.
4. Although I don't expect my lipbalms to be a lip conditioner or therapy, I do expect it to be soothing and hydrating.
To find your favourite lip balm, you may want to try a few. And that, my dear, is half the fun!
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