Why Sensai makes so much sense

If you're going for that never-out-of-fashion flawless good skin look, then it makes perfect sense to put skincare first. But how is this possible when the makeup you apply does just the opposite, and results in break-outs that require coverage with even more pore-clogging makeup?! It really is just as simple as: use makeup that is good for you. In this age of high definition, we expect instant perfection from our makeup coverage, but at what cost?? The one question most models ask me is: "what do you use on your skin?" I get to try quite a lot of products, so it's obvious that some agree with me and others don't. Time and time again I navigate my way back to my Sensai products. Because I know that no matter what the effects of anything else I may put on my skin, I can always bring it back to its best with Sensai.
When I apply makeup to models and actors, I want to be confident that the products I use 'first do no harm'. With Sensai I have that confidence, and I have seen and heard the amazement of models, at the fact that their makeup application feels light, covers beautifully, and looks natural. And I know that it's really good for their skin. It's that special ingredient called Koishimura silk. Their are some interesting stories about the ageless hands of workers who handled the silk, but that's not what won me over: the results on my own face did. I have always (since high school!) had a nasty zone on my forehead. The kind that constantly looked like an alien infestation...and I struggled to gain any control of it. It took just a few days of washing my face with their cleansing foam (Sensai Silky Purifying Instant Silky Foam) to exterminate unknown weird sub-creature living on my forehead; and I've never looked back.
But my love of Sensai started much further back...during my earliest makeup days. Back then my idea of skincare was Vitamin E oil inside and out for me. I was young! And Sensai was only known to me as Kanebo, which had had a very good reputation for delivering the best foundation results, and their darker shades went down very well at the time. If you've ever felt the texture of Sensai by Kanebo makeup, then you will understand my excitement about this brand. Makeup that hydrates, but doesn't clog, and covers so perfectly with great sophistication? Yep, it's been around for a while, but it's not hyped liked some of the other more popular brands.
If you truly love your skin, then do go by the Sensai counter at Edgars or Dischem, and ask for a few samples. In fact, if you are in Cape Town, and can pop in at the V&A Edgars, then ask for Shaheed. He will teach you the ritual method of cleansing and applying your's like a sacred experience! I'm not one for mall makeups, but this is not that!! Half an hour with Shaheed will affect the way you view your application and your attitude towards your skin! Tell him I sent you, and don't forget to ask for samples.
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