Makeup Haul at the #Beauty Sales

This is my second haul so far... I should stop now...
A beauty and cosmetics sale is the perfect time to buy those products that you haven't tried yet. So that should you encounter a beauty boo boo, you won't feel quite as rotten about the waste of your precious earnings!
It's the only time I go a little gaga and buy without testing...a very silly thing to do, as I well know. I usually do test (even crazy sales goods) if testers are available. #new_years_resolution: if a tester is not available, don't buy it! Brands should ensure that testers are always available. I've learnt my lesson the hard way...again. But you know how it is: something happens in my brain when I see that red sticker telling me that I am about to encounter a massive's my "Rosebud".
I am pretty *smiles* happy about my overall haul...and will be going back for soon as they restock the shelves!
Revlon Photoready Bronzer gives light bronzed look; not too pigmented
I got a few goodies from Revlon, a brand I rarely uses. I particularly liked the Photoready bronzer, because of the tone and matte-ness of it. The brush that comes with it is far from soft, and irritates my skin because of its roughness. Why bother putting a brush with your product if it is not going to be pleasant to use? I liked the softer blush brush better, that came with the Revlon Photoready Sculpting blush palette. But I did not like the palette. These brushes also don't deposit the product very well, which is why it is necessary to always have you very own gorgeous and luxurious makeup brushes.
Revlon Cream Eye Shadow palette 

The Revlon Cream Eye Shadow Palette will end up being used as eye bases mostly. And I have a feeling they will crease. But if I'm there to touch up all the time, it won't really matter. If you plan on wearing these personally I would insist on an eye makeup base and constant makeup checks in the bathroom! These cream shadows are fun and perfect for very youthful skin, and I love the shades, which can work as sheer or bolder and thicker dramatic looks.

Big fat shadow pencils are so much fun to use: it's like being in kindergarten all over again! So whenever I find shades and textures I like, then it is just so easy to add them to my basket. I've been wanting to try the Smudge line for a while now, and the sale at Clicks gave me a righteous opportunity. Love it! And will be stocking up on plenty more of these Smudge babies. The texture is ideal and easy on the skin. Blendability of these shadow pencils make them a must in any kit; and the shades are a good match for most skin tones.
Another bargain were the Revlon nail varnishes. I especially adore the #310 Essence colour, which is a shade of green that brings in tones of grey and blue but is definitely green... This is such a great wintery colour, and ideal for a Poison Ivy look! And then I found two standards for beauty and lifestyle shoots: #68 Pink Chiffon and #85 Peach Nectar, which will give just that little bit of a manicured look in one sheer coat.
Another good find were the Revolution glosses in 'Pretty' and 'Time Square'. Again, good options for the kind of neutral lip I would do for beauty and lifestyle shoots. I have 'Pretty' in the Super Stay Gloss formula, which I like for it's creamy gloss look. This would work brilliantly for 'smokey eyes and pale lip' look that we have become so fond of over the years. The 'Time Square' shade is in the Sparkle Lip Gloss formula, which works well as a sheer application, but with a lasting finish that would be worn with a 'healthy glow' kind of look.
I also got a mineral powder from Revlon in Deep Fonce. It comes with a mineral foundation brush and I adore, but probably won't use too often. As with any mineralised makeup, there's a lot of shimmer, which reads as shine on HD. So perhaps for editorials and other print, but it won't have a spot in my motion picture kit. I may be tempted to use it as a base for a deeper skintone, and then just use translucent powder over it to dull down the shimmer. And I probably will keep it in my personal kit for summer, and use it to dust on my skin for a quick luminous bronzed look. Any excuse to keep a powder I actually don't need!?!
I still have a few other buys on my list...and the sales are still on!

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