What to do about bad makeup buys

truly disappointing
The obvious thing to do with bad makeup buys is throw it'd think. But I am stoic about my mistakes, sadly, and persevere to find a good use for them...and there's always a good use for everything!
Mostly bad makeup buys go straight into my SFX kit. This neutral Sculpting Blush Palette from Revlon will do absolutely nothing in my SFX kit...or my standard makeup kit...or any other kit...because, well, it does absolutely nothing...
There is such a totally 'barely there' look about this product, that you may as well not apply it. It really isn't there. It's like paying for perfume and getting water. Sad. True.
I haven't used Revlon products in decades, and thought that since they're on sale, I might as well give it a bash. I bought numerous nail polishes which I love! I also bought a gorgeous bronzer which will work well for all the natural beauty looks that I do. The Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup has already found a place in my heart; and kit. And my favourite goodie buy from the Dischem cosmetics sale has got to be the Revlon Cream Eye Shadow Palette. All of those now reside, happily, in my kit; and I shall share them with you at a later date. But that one Photoready Palette just dampened my sale-happy spirit. The only way that I may get some use of this palette is perhaps just to add a bit of shimmer very subtly to a cheek or an eye, perhaps? Or perhaps as a blending shade?? The problem is that it doesn't deliver much of a shade...
So what do I do about it?? I can't take it's not Dischem's fault this one's a dud. I tried using it as a blush...which it was designed for: disappointing. I tried using it as an eyeshadow trio: doesn't stay. I tried using it as a powder over my cream shadows and that seemed to give a more satisfactory result. This palette might actually work well as part of my 'ageing' makeup it, because it sits on every fine hair on your may work well on moist or shiny skin...but it will show up imperfections more readily. It also doesn't all. So I really can't find a happy use for this product. And no, I won't be buying this again...and chances are this is not going in my kit.
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