Are Sigma Brushes Worth the Spend?

I buy makeup brushes as if under hypnosis....
My addiction to new makeup brushes borders on manic, and often spirals out of control when on a buying spree, yet I do manage to maintain an acceptable degree of composure when near exceptionally beautiful brushes: zen-like, even. It has been so difficult to find a complete range of makeup brushes that actually are decent enough to warrant loyalty. I found a few singular brushes in any given brand (that I like) that would do.
My favourite so far being the brushes in the Sensai collection. These are pricey, and exquisite. They're of the quality that one would wish for, hope for, and expect when one buys makeup brushes. However, if you don't know where to look, it could take much money and even more time to find your favourite favourites.
Sensai brushes are absolutely my orgasm brushes: if you've never felt luxury brushes,
these are what all luxury brushes should feel like
And even though I have many beautiful brushes in my kit, I always want the next best brush...even if it's just for variety. Now I have read enough about Sigma brushes to know that I must possess at least one! The problem is I want them all!! I dread buying brushes online. I have done so in the past, and have been sorely disappointed. But with Sigma brushes, I just might take that leap. Well that's what I thought until I watched Wayne Goss's review of a set of Sigma brushes. He found them to shed; probably due to overstacking the bristles so that there is just too many bristles packed into the ferrule, and there will surely be some shedding. You would guess that this kind of shedding may eventually stop...alas, it could also get worse. I've encountered this with my very old set of Professional Make-Up (PMU) brushes: from the time I purchased them they shed...and like a bad boyfriend, I thought they might stabilise...they didn't. They found a home in my SFX kit, but rarely get used; just not worth the irritation.
An essential set of Sigma brushes; but Wayne Goss's review has made me think twice

 The Sigma brushes are gorgeous, though. And yes I will have to try them. But I'm hoping Masque in Cape Town will order some testers in from the States soon enough for me to try. ...and remember I do get a bit hasty about brands that I've heard so much about and simply can't wait to test before I buy... should I be overcome by my haste, I shall have to buy a set from Turquoise Studio. I already know which one I want to try out first. If they bedazzle me, as I do expect they might, then there'll be no turning back...and I will have to own every single one!

Even as I write this, I already know that before the month is out I shall place my order for my super-uber must-have set: the kabuki's.
The question I have to ask myself is: is the R1300 purchase worth the risk of shedding??
In Wayne Goss's review he mentions that the short bristled brushes didn't shed, so I'm not as daunted by the investment in the precision brushes, which I also think would be a great buy for any makeup kit (if you're into brushes, of course). Some people buy shoes...I buy makeup brushes.
The precision brushes from Sigma

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