Bright Eyes: outstanding #makeup

It is always fun to work with bright colours; I used cream bases and set will powder eye shadows in co-ordinating colours.
A recent shoot called for pale, nude faces with just some unusual and stand-out element. In this shot I went for bright, colorful eyes that screamed exotic bird. *winks* The technique is not a new one, but one that seems to be making more impact on the way we apply makeup.
I used my old creme colour bases by Siggies and then set and gently blended with eye shadows by Kryolan. The changes from one look to another had to be made very quickly, and this method delivered strong colour immediately.
I can't wait to see the final edit, but as a daring party look, this would not be that difficult to achieve.
Another part of the look that I loved, was the highlight on the cheek, nose and forehead. I used my Sensai highlighter for this. It is the perfect accent for bridal looks, because it gives shine without looking greasy or sweaty...just a determined glow. Another way to update your summer look is to apply more highlights, but always with a soft, sensual hint. It's always about 'how', not 'how much '.

Makeup & Hair by Natasha Rees-Davies
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