Congratulations #Sensai Winners!

Thank you to all the entrants to the 3 Sensai Suncare Hamper draws I ran over the festive season. And congratulations to lucky winners: Sue-Ann Cooper, Bongiwe Mavimbela and Yvonne Williams.
Please note that if you have entered before, your name has been saved and will be entered again and again into any other draws I may have on this blog in future. If you have previously been a winner, then you're going to have to re-enter again ( but I do try to make it really easy). In my opinion: the more, the merrier!
The Sensai suncare range is beautiful, luxurious, and I've never had a problem with any outbreaks when using it. I love the fact that the entire Sensai brand is all about luxurious skincare: whether you use their makeup, skincare, haircare or suncare range, it feels comfortable and nurturing. If you haven't experienced their range yet, then please make your way to a counter near you, swiftly! If you're in Cape Town, then you must visit brand makeup-artist, Shaheed, for an expert demo in the Japanese way of skincare and makeup application that this range has been designed to work with for maximum results. Obviously, if you're a busy gal like me, with too little time for zen-like meditation, any application is done very very quickly, and when you are using the best quality products, then working swiftly is quite possible, and results can be seen and felt.
As a makeup artist I like to ensure that the suncare I use protects the skin and doesn't cause nasty breakouts in the process. In fact this is a concern with any product I use, which is why I love Sensai, and trust it in my kit.

No matter which suncare product you use, and no matter how brilliant it is, ALWAYS wear extra sun protection: a long sleeve cotton shirt and a hat are my standards on set when we're shooting out of doors. 
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