Different Strokes: The Brush Wars

Insanely soft bristles, and blissful application capability
When it comes to brushes, the decision is ultimately quite simple: I want insanely soft bristles with precision application capabilities, well-made durability, and flawless results everytime. This is not a fairytale. In fact, I possess brushes just like that. They may be just a tad pricey.   Pricey, but perfect. Nut-shell-speaking.

My Sensai brushes are by far the best I have come across in South Africa. And my only niggle is that I wish they made more brushes!! The Sensai brush set is very basic...too basic for a make-up-obsessed-must-have-it-all type...such as I. Although I love having a huge variety of brushes at my disposal, I must admit that I can do anything ...Anything...with my Sensai brushes. I never use brushes simply according to their designated label; I tend to just go with the strokes and 'follow my feel'. I know my brushes, and know what they can do, so it is easy to pack just the essentials. And the Sensai brush set pretty much covers those. They are not sold as a set though. You're going to have to buy each brush...and the pouch...and they're not cheap. I would never say that they are over-priced, because they are worth every penny. But brace yourself.
Sensai brushes are what all makeup brushes should be: exquisite

Sensai Eyeshadow Brush R 515
Sensai Cheek Brush  R 665
Sensai Eyeshadow Tip  R 320
Sensai Eyebrow Brush & Comb  R 320
Sensai Lip Brush  R 350
most divine Sensai brush by Kanebo, the gel brush

My favourite Sensai brush is easily their stippling brush, which they call the gel brush, because it was designed to buff their gel bronzer into skin. I find that this brush is simply magnificent; and no other stippling brush comes close. You'll see.

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