My Makeup Tools and Accessories Must-Haves

The Japonesque palettes were on my radar for ages. But they're not the only ones selling them. Monda Studio also have some lovely options to store your pro makeup. Dreading the schlepp of getting overseas orders through South African customs (what a drag), I have been hoping that someone would distribute these brandfs her in SA. And then I found this:
You can actually order the Japonesque 35 well palette from , as well as Monda Studio goodies. It costs more to order via all4women, but their price includes all taxes and fees (hopefully)...I'm still waiting for my order to arrive.
 A brush belt can be very handy. It would have to be something like this one from Japonesque, with pouches and pockets, and rings to tie bags onto. I've seen a few of the belts available here in South Africa, and none have truly stolen my heart. My biggest concern is that there is no cover to protect my brushes. But beyond that, I may consider using a brush belt if I found the right one... I'm about to review the Bodyography brush set, which I think has the closest design to the Japonesque brush belt above. If it has a cover flap to protect my brushes, then it would certainly be a welcomed addition to my kit!
 A stippling brush, a crease brush and an angled flat Kabuki brush are 3 brushes that I want many more of.
A Z-palette? Yes, definitely on my list. And actually easier to come by than you'd think! Just visit Turquoise Studio for products like Sigma brushes and makeup, and Z-Palettes. You can find these on as well, but are far cheaper!

What all these accessories have in common is that they help make my work easier, more organized, saves space and gives me a better sense of control, which then leaves me free to simply create. And in that sense, they are indeed an investment.
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