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The problem with having too much makeup is that you often just end up using favorites, and much gets wasted simply by being forgotten. So I try to rotate products by restocking my kit with alternatives to my usual suspects from whatever is in storage. This also allows me to re-invent ways of working with makeup. It also churns up a healthy imagination, and often inspires a different look. I thoroughly enjoy sorting my makeup, but organization does certainly help. The key to organization is proper storage.

I have seen a zuca in action, and must say that it is a little over-priced. And yes I have considered it. But, I'm old school. I would much rather go for a folding case. I have a good sized aluminum makeup train case. Much like one of my very first cases. It works well enough, but I want lighter and more compartments. In fact, my very first makeup case was ideal: it was a large, light fishing tackle (or tool) box that had drawers with numerous compartments. I could find something noteworthy at a fishing tackle place, but what really bugs me is the amount of plastic I would be lugging around.
The lightest option I have found is a cooler bag that has numerous pockets and compartments. I am on the verge of buying it. But can I part with my traditional makeup case?? There are days when I know I when I'm walking up flights of stairs and my hand and arm aches from carrying my makeup box, because...well...i must. I have other professional stylist bags that could work if it weren't for the fact that they are flimsy and offer little protection. I have actually Google 'd YouTube videos about mobile storage options for professional makeup artists (I'm that kind of geek). So I've seen zucas in action, I've seen trolley suitcases and duffle bags in action, and I've seen some clever and odd things; even a sewing bag from WalMart has been used as a makeup artist's bag.
The only way to know what you want sometimes, is to know what you don't want.
Easy access to all your options is very important. But too many compartments can be a nightmarish game of Snap gone wrong, if your memory is not that of a giant computer!? So order really is the key: a place for everything, and everything in its place. That will be my saving grace .

I also work in a fairly warm and sunny country, so I should make every effort to protect my makeup. Do you know where I'm going with this? A cooler bag. I just spotted one at good old Midas(auto hardware store), and I know that I'll be going back for it. (when my bank balance says it's okay... ) it has a few compartments to utilize as specified storage areas, and I plan to steal from the Zuca way of PVC bag storage. I just bought tons of makeup bags, the see-through kind, at the Clicks beauty sale. These would slot in perfectly and allows me to segment my makeup off into various categories. It is much lighter and insulated. It would also stack quite comfortably on my trolley suitcase that I like to use as a hair bag.
These are good solutions without too much of a spend. Because I'd rather spend my money on great products. But protecting those products is protecting my investment. So, sturdy bags are a must. Mobility is another factor that must be considered. Stackable and mobile bags are what you want if makeup artistry is your livelihood: a location can be anything from bush to beach to 4 storeys up and mo elevator! So pack light and be mobile.

Some time ago I had fallen in love with the Tas Merah cases, and the Stilazzi range as well. Too pricey for me to bring in the country: remember it still has to go through customs, and sadly I don't have relatives in government... Tsk tsk.
Customs can charge up to 30% or more on the price you paid...and then there's courier costs as well... Like I said, pricey.
Perhaps on my next trip to Europe...*rolls eyes and winks*.
But for the noo, Midas might do.
I am a little tempted to go for the Zuca complete artist's set: the rolling case and the backpack. But perhaps not just now. I've spent oodles on my kit this month, and have a few more big purchases planned for the next two months...and by then season may just be over!?
My vision of the perfect makeup storage kit is still vague, so I'll probably just keep looking. If you know of any outstanding articles, please leave a comment!!

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