Playful makeup: the path to enlightenment

I layered with creme colour and matching powder eye shadows
The orange on the eye and lip is what made the look for these two pics. I used Siggis creme colour bases for both. On the eye, I set the creme with a matching orange eye shadow, but left the lips with just one coat of the ver creamy creme.
Even though you may not go as bold as orange, the technique could be of interest to you.
Using a cream base for your eye shadow application often creates a deeper and more fetching shade on the eye; creating sophistication in an instant. It is the secret to that cashmere eye makeup texture, when using a cream shadow base and blending or setting with powder shadow. It can also enhance a colour, and make it deeper and definitely lasts longer.
This technique would make neutral eye makeup be more of a 'look', more pronounced.
Orange is such an engaging colour, I had fun doing the sweet bird's nest hair, as well
The orange creme colour on the lips is a good way to create a strong, highly pigmented colour that not every lipstick can achieve. Using creme colour makeup also allows me to alter the shades in my kit, especially if I want strong opaque shades.
Just about every makeup product I have ever used, has been able to perform some other task: lips go to cheeks, go to eyes; eye shadow can become lipstick, and cake eyeliner, and even hair colour. In a pinch eye shadows can even be used to create makeup's all just colour.
But that's a whole other post.
I am falling in love with my creme makeup all over again. Back in the day,...before M.A.C. arrived on the scene, makeup artists were nit afraid to mix our own desired shade, in fact it was absolutely necessary. I just don't see that happening anymore. Yes, it's more possible now to find practically every shade we could possibly desire, but the artist yearns for the challenge of creating something unique and beautiful, something that can't always just be picked off a shelf.
The problem, of course, is that we may not always have the time to create custom shades.
So I'm forever looking for products that make it easier to be more creative in less time.
And then there's technique. We may have every desirable colour imaginable, but so much depends on how we use it. Finding what works best for you, is what makes makeup application so much fun. Because it really is playtime! And isn't that the best way to learn?

Makeup & Hair by Natasha Rees-Davies
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