Subtle Colour: Makeup by Natasha Rees-Davies

Makeup & Hair by Natasha Rees-Davies
It always fun to come across my work either on the telly, cinema, print or online. It's a bit of a thrill really.
So when I spotted this pic that I worked on last year, I was super excited, because I remember the day was cold, but we had fun. This model has the most soulful eyes, and I really wanted to draw attention to them.
Can you see how well a blue shadow on the outer corner just beckons your interest?? And then the warmth in the center of the lid echoes the warmth on the cheek. Playing with colour at no point should be garish; not when you can create something soft and beautiful, and still invite accents of colour.
The secret is subtlety. The easiest way to be more subtle with your colour is to blend. And when I say blend I mean that if you have applied a very strong colour, you'll want to use another clean blending brush to take the edge off, literally. Don't use the same brush that you initially applied the colour with. And if it is still too bright, then pat on some loose or pressed powder, that can make a huge difference. Just pat on with a flat contoured shadow brush, and then dust off with a fan brush. One of my most frequently used techniques is to apply my blusher , and then blend and tone down with a foundation powder that is warm and deep. You could also use a bronzer (lightly) to tone down a strong blush. When it comes to lips, I like to give the lips an "under-glow" (my word): a stronger colour as a base, and then I use a lighter lip gloss to lift the tones and neutralize the punch. A brownish lipgloss can be your best friend. It can tone just about everything right down. My favourite is one of the POUT lip glosses from Woolies, the "Nude" shade; a total bargain, and great shade.

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