Will I be a poop for buying a dupe?

Royal Care Kabuki brush set, a possible dupe for the very similar Sigma brush set
 I must have watched tons of makeup brush review videos over the past month, and kept an eye out for what's available here in South Africa. I have been after Kabuki-style brushes for ages. And recently I've been seeing so many options: some are ridiculously expensive.
And I've got to be budget-conscious about tools that get used so frequently that they will be subjected to equally frequent cleansing, and run the risk of been worn out a lot faster than any other non-working brush. At the same time, my brushes earn their keep: I depend on good brushes to perform beautifully, and for that, I will pay.

I was eyeballing the Sigma range. In fact I was a credit card number away from making a purchase, when I saw that fateful Wayne Goss video review of the Sigma brushes (see below), and decided against it.
(post script: I have since found out that Sigma offers the consumer the ultimate security of a 1 year guarantee!! yes!...too late she cried, as she awaits the arrival of her dupes... but I won't feel too bad for too long, because I will be investing in my first set of Sigma brushes very soon)

I have in the past bought pricey "pro" brushes that not only shed, but also had the dye wash out with every cleaning. To this day I am thoroughly annoyed that I spent a ridiculous amount of money (at the time) on these brushes. The only good thing I got out of the deal is a fancy zip-up case to hold the brushes...which I now use to hold my eye and lip pencils.

I knew that if I'm going to get brushes that shed, then I might as well get dupes. And lo and behold... I found a few reviews about dupes for Sigma brushes! And lo and behold even more...those dupes could be bought from local site All4Women at a fraction of the cost of genuine Sigma brushes. I think I paid just under R400 for the Royal Care Brushes and I think about R59 for delivery. The Sigma brushes would have put me out by R1300 for a similar set. A good thing will always be copied...but the proof is always in the 'brushing'... ?
When my Royal Care brushes arrive, I shall let you know. I do hope these are authentic Royal Care brushes, and not sad and sorry fakes... nowadays there's a fake out there for everything.

There are other beauty and makeup products that I've spotted on All4Women's site, and some of them don't look quite the same as the authentic product on the actual brand's when in doubt, I also mail the brand and ask. I have that right as a consumer... not to be conned. The small print on the All4Women site does state that the pic of the product is for reference only, and the actual product may look different. So what are we buying exactly?? There's the risk. Make sure that it does state the actual brand name, and don't just go by the pic. On one listing of what looked like the Naked2 palette, it did actually state that it was not said palette, and nowhere in the listing did it say that it was. This made me take the plunge on the Royal Care brushes, because I believed that if these were fakes then they would have a similar warning. ...we'll see. My delivery has not arrived yet, and it has been nearly 21 days.

Palette and spatula I bought off for R211
Another buy that I was willing to chance on the All4Women site was a palette and spatula set. It looks sturdy, and I do hope that it is worth the expense. But one can never have just one of these, so I'll be buying from a local supplier as well, and it will be interesting to view the comparison.

The beginning of the year is so full of newness that I just can't help myself sometimes. Some people buy stationery..., I buy makeup tools.
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