My New Z-palette from turquoise

While I still antici...pation...for my package from All4Women to arrive(it was ordered more than 28 days ago), my Z-palette from got here in record time. I placed the order on the 4th February, and it's the 6th today...and this makes me wanna go back for more.
Now these are the folks who stock Z-palettes and Sigma brushes and the Sigma beauty range. I've found another online store called The Makeup Shop, which also sells these products, but the brushes are sold on consignment basis, so it becomes yet another month long wait to get through lousy SA Customs. Well at least I have my Z-palette to play with while I wait for the peeps at customs to come off their tea break...oh, come on, you're thinking the same thing.

I would much rather know that the product is here in the country, from now on, so I'll be ordering from Turquoise Studio.
Plus I got a gift of a Sigma Eyeliner Brush!  I'll be putting that one through its paces on my shoot tomorrow. And with 3 discount vouchers to use before the end of April, I be making a few purchases with serious intent and no reservations. I love it when stores execute superb service, and  make me feel valued as a customer. This is when I like to show my loyalty.

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