Natural is what I do best

Another pretty natural look by makeup artist Natasha Rees-Davies
 Subtle makeup is my speciality. There are times when this actually makes me cry, because I so very rarely get to do some crazy way-out flamboyant shoot with glitter lashes and purple hair. I sometimes get to do zombies, but it's not the same...*frowns* then *shrugs*...then comes to senses and realises: I like 'natural', 'nude' and 'barely there'. And yes, that is my style. I shot with actress, Claire and photographer, Ferdinand, last year, and only just found these pics hiding away somewhere on my hardrive. It's nice to be reminded of how special and beautiful subtle makeup really is.

Well I'm off to pack my kit to work with beautiful model, Ashleigh Barnett, tomorrow; and yes, I'll be doing neutral and subtle with just enough natural glow to make it all seem just a little bit magical.

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