Why Beauty So Clean is King of the Hollywood Hill

a 125ml bottle of  well-known and much talked about makeup brush cleaner, Beauty So Clean
When I found out that Beauty So Clean was available in South Africa, I did a little happy dance. I have read so much about this must-have beauty consumable that I knew it had to be a winner. And after all, many a film and television makeup artist in the heart of Hollywood has this in her Zuca!
Distributed by pro beauty supplier, Health Hair and Beauty, and sold at salons that carry the range...not too sure who exactly, because I buy from a local professional beauty supplier called Tamaris Trading. I'll try to track down some retail outlets and do a post on that, because I think if you even have just one makeup bag you should have a brush cleaner and makeup sanitizer, and Beauty So Clean covers it all.
Beauty So Clean is said to clean and sanitize.
Not the best on getting pigment out, but brilliant for spot cleaning and instant sanitizing
 I wasn't very impressed with its cleaning ability, because to get it as clean as my Parian Spirit gets it, I would have to do a few extra cleaning swipes and use extra product. Considering that it is easily half the price of the Parian Spirit, it is acceptable. Where Beauty So Clean comes up tops is that it leaves no residue at all, and its ingredients combat bacteria far better. It contains alcohol; and before all these fantastic new and specific cleaning agents came along, most makeup artists turned to plain old Isopropyl Alcohol to keep those germs at bay. The only difference now is that these products are so much gentler on our brushes. And that is worth the investment.
It's just a matter of an extra few wipes to get brushes clean with Beauty So Clean
If you've worked with Parian Spirit you know about that weird film that coats your brushes after a cleaning. Beauty So Clean brush cleaner does not do that, but it also does not clean as fast, nor as effectively. What you can count on though, is that Beauty So Clean will sanitize your brushes and they will dry in record time! Which is why I'm buying more of this product. This is a fantastic product for on set spot cleaning. If I clean my brushes with Parian Spirit it takes them a few hours to dry. With Beauty So Clean, my brushes dry within minutes. And plus the fact that Beauty So Clean is anti-bacterial, makes it a pro makeup winner in my kit.
What's brushes love Beauty So Clean, and I've noticed less shedding occurs 
There is a yummy chocolate smelling version of Beauty So Clean, which I can't wait to try, but I'm not sure if it's in South Africa yet...??
So, here's how it's going to work for me: I'll be sticking with Parian Spirit for my wrap-time brush cleaning sessions, but on set, and indeed for my most frequent spot cleaning, Beauty So Clean has pride of place in my set bag.

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