Wiping the slate Beauty So Clean

This tiny 60ml bottle is great for keeping in my set bag, but I'm gonna need the 250ml to keep me well stocked
Beauty So Clean has been mentioned by quite a few makeup artists on the internet, and I was very keen to try these out. I have been looking for a good option to sanitize my makeup, other than the usual Isopropyl Alcohol that seems to be our standard 'go-to' product for killing germs. There is some alcohol in the Beauty So Clean range of cosmetic wipes, cosmetic sanitizer and sanitizing brush cleaner. 
I'm gonna need a bigger pack of these Beauty So Clean wipes, too!
I like knowing that the products I use are clean. It is my responsibility to look after my actor or model's skin when they are on set, and I spend ages cleaning out my tools, product and kit in preparation for each day's shoot. And I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that I can rely on an easy to use product to help me do this throughout each day on set. Usually I would just spritz everything with alcohol...if you pay close attention to your makeup, you will realise that using 90% alcohol to sanitize your makeup is a very drastic measure, and one that will cost you in the long run: pigments become less intense, and cream based makeup dries out. I know, if you use all your makeup quickly enough, it won't really matter. But what are the chances of that...? I currently have the teensy bottle of Beauty So Clean cosmetic sanitizer, which is great for my set bag, but the bigger 250ml bottle works out to be far more cost-effective. 
The Beauty So Clean wipes are great fro wiping lipsticks and foundations that are cream based,
but you're be prepared to use quite a few.
My only gripe with them is that I could easily go through an entire pack of these Beauty So Clean sanitizing wipes in just one week. Perhaps I'm too much of a germaphobe... Whatever the case, my makeup will be Beauty So Clean... (nothing wrong with a little bit of corn on a blog).

Order your Beauty So Clean products from if you're in Jozi, or from Tamaris Trading in Cape Town; Tamaris gets the product from Hairhouse Warehouse, so it may be a slightly longer wait if you're in Cape Town, but usually within ten days from your order being placed.

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