Ben Nye foundation palette: why I'm just not that into it

I not only got the Ben Nye foundation palette in dark, but also the corrector palette... I was that convinced that I would love it. And ohlawdamercy, I tried to love it . Everytime I dipped into that palette I asked the Universe to make me understand it better, to know how to get the best from this palette. So far, not much in the way of an answer.
I had been plotting the purchase of an array of Ben Nye products for a while. I tried them all out on the back of my hand, and had no reservations that I would not be entirely happy. I joyfully handed over my credit card to pay the rather steep bill. After all, this is a brand trusted by makeup artists in the film industry for decades.  And then I used them.
I've only used the corrector palette a handful of times, and have even considered using it as neutral eye shadow cream bases...that could work. It's just hard to escape the untidy way it sits on the skin.  Perhaps it's my application? I'm just not as impressed by these palettes as I ought to be, considering how much I paid for them.
It is far too costly to simply ignore them and pretend they're not in my kit. The best solution is just to put it out there and ask: how can I apply this foundation without making absolutely every pore more visible than it had been without any makeup?? Anyone?
I've tried using primers, moisturizers, water-based moisturizer and primer....and still I'm left with that awful spotty coverage that looks like I've just caked someone's face in a heavy application of Studio Fix!?! Okay, I may be exaggerating...
But I can notice it.
On camera it passes thanks to great lighting and the photographer's settings, but to the naked eye it makes me feel sad and nervous inside; something's just not right. The coverage on darker skin seems to be so much better...a world apart it seems. Perhaps that is the key. Perhaps I should apply a shade darker to most skin tones? I should also prep skin and leave to hydrate and settle; although one rarely has the time to do all the prep needed. Yes, I'm looking for a quick fix.
I have a feeling that this foundation is only going to work on perfectly poreless (?) skin... Or at least very nearly...
In the meantime, I'm going to have to keep playing with my application, and skin prep, to see what works best.

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