Much love for MUFE

I bought this corrector/concealer palette donkey's years ago...and never used it! Until now. Strange how that happens.
I keep wondering when this is actually going to go 'off'?? But it has been stored in good conditions, and when I have used it, it has been cleaned immediately after. I also do the required sniff test every time I lift the lid.(not exact science, but hey...)
I never really gave this palette much love before last year...and believe me I have not been uber-sparing on my applications, and a little goes a long way. I have mostly been using it for under eye cover, and have been quite happy with the results. Yes, it's a bit thick, but I apply by picking up a hint of product with a q-tip, placing it on the back of my hand, then lightly brushing a concealer brush through it to put just a coating of product on the brush. You can always pick up more from the back of your hand, or stainless steel palette if you prefer. I dab the brush coated in product, onto the area I need to cover. Light brush strokes can feather out the application if necessary. I also like to gently pat in the product with a finger.
Often the best way to blend under-eye concealer is to use your fingers and dab and roll ever so gently.
I also tend to use this palette for highlighting! It holds any powder I may add on top of it, really well.
It's not my absolute favorite for under-eye cover...that's another post...but it certainly has grown on me all of a sudden.

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